Monday, July 01, 2013

We Adopted!

A garden bed!

Out at J. Darby Farm, there are many raised beds that are laying fallow this I asked Farmer Joyce if I could clear one.
She said Yes.


Not fallow:

She said You have to lay down layers of newspaper and then wood chips. 
I said Okay.
Henry said Okay, then quit.
Corinne said Whaaaaaa?

She said You have to keep it organic.
So I went to Petals from the Past and got seedlings.  I provided the seedlings, J. Darby provided the soil and watering.
Any extra food I grow will go to the CSA.
Everybody wins!

I also put some pinwheels at the bed corners to dress it up a bit, Svea-style.

Now to name the bed...