Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bangs, Fangs and Thangs

It's been a big week in our house.

Corinne now has is before:

and after (chewing on the comb):

and it gave her much strength to tackle her sister.

And then the victory Fudgecicle:

Svea lost a tooth. Swallowed it, and still got a quarter from the Tooth Fairy. Then she lost the quarter. Then found it. Its current location is unknown.
But she did awesome in the sack race at Field day!

Henry rocked Field Day, grew some inches in the leg area, and studies his Marvel Avengers book each night.

Summer we come!

Svea, The Dancer!

Svea had her big dance performance on May 5th.
She had worked for this all year...and we were so blessed to have so much family come and see her on the stage, that there were about 11 seats between me and Brian.

So, of course, we texted through the performance.

Brian was sitting with Henry and I was sitting with Corinne, who sat like a statue in a dance coma. It was amazing.

So were Henry's comments:

"Why is being in school count as dancing?"  (a girl was doing a dance to Michael Jackson's "ABC-123")

"This is taking forever and they didn't even dance very good."

"Another lonely girl. Is she supposed to be a cowboy?"  (It was a solo, i.e. "lonely.")

"That girl thinks it's a real lollipop! She's like licking it. That other one HA! just got her face in it. She's not even dancing."

"That was so girly."

"Oh looks like this one's gonna be good!"  (The solo girl was very cute...)

"Why do they have to be (dressed as) clowns to make us laugh? I'm already laughing at them."

Svea, we are so proud of you!  You were so fabulous!  Even if you were dancing to Lady Gaga!
We love you!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


One of our assignments in Drawing II was a 3 part abstraction.

First, we were to draw a 18x24" photo-realistic graphite drawing of a part of a skeleton.
For some reason, I chose the bum area. I didn't realize it until later. Mostly because I am fascinated with the pelvis and hips (hello, yoga) and the front view of the skeleton was taken by 3 other students. So I got the bum.

Second, we were supposed to abstract the first drawing somehow. I went with geometric shapes. I was interested in what the pelvic region and hanging hands would look like as basic shapes with gradient shading (all graphite).

Third, we were supposed to abstract the second drawing into something more abstract.  So I went with energy centers. I chose five points where bones articulate that often give people pain: sacrum to L5, base of the thumbs, hip sockets. I drew circles around the articulation points and made those points very light in value. Then I made ripple circles around those points of light/pain, making each consecutive circle darker. Weird. Abstract. But again, hello yoga, breathe into your pain.

Looking back, I appreciate each level of this exercise. 18 x 24 gets bigger every time you abstract it...and it was the first time I can recall that I used an entire pencil up - start to finish - TWICE.  That's a good feeling.  Like at the end of the day when you take off all your clothes and have to wash everything you wore. You used every bit up.
I like living like that.
Bonefied, indeed.