Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Henry's First Encounter With The Brilliance of Groucho Marx

Tonight, Henry tried to perfect some of Groucho's sweet dance moves. Svea took pictures while Henry danced to, "Hello, I Must be Going." Svea tweaked some of the photos in PhotoBooth...his legs can't really twist like that...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Pops' Roller

Pops lent me his roller since Dr. Neda recommended it and he was already loving it. It was miraculous for the muscles spasming around my thoracic spine!

Seriously, people.

And now that the kids have discovered it, I may have to get one of my own...

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Bieber Fever

Yo. Bieber Fever is ON at our house.


Life-size Justin Bieber cardboard cutout is all the rage for the fans in this house...

Henry asked me in a whisper, "How did Uncle Brad KNOW??"

New Photo Books

So we started with this:

These are 3 nasty, broken, rotting albums that were using their sticky sheets to peel the backs off of old time pictures that represent part of the family story.

So I found a coupon for Photobin.  Then I scanned in all the photos from these 3 albums.  I uploaded about 1/3 of the photos to Photobin and made a 50 page hard cover book of the photos.

Then I gave it to my parents.
This is them at their Rehearsal Dinner before the Wedding:

Luckily, Shutterfly came out with a 50% off coupon for photo books today so I can continue the journey of preserving the memories.
Awesome fun revisiting and remembering!

Grayton Beach Christmas 2012

Camp fire, y'all.

Corinne is belting out, "Joy To The World" in her two-year-old way.  American Idol starts in a few days, y'all.

Title I Backpacks from MVES, y'all!

Early mornings, y'all.

Puzzles and journals, y'all.

Special treats at The Red Bar, y'all!!!

Hiking to the beach, y'all. Except the trail was covered with water.

Gotta love a good cut-out at Seaside, y'all.

And gotta love running in the Seaside amphitheater field, y'all.

Our view from the back of the campsite, y'all.

Cold, fun, yummy, sleepy, creative, awesome, will-definitely-do-it-again times, y'all.

Ready for Christmas 2012

Cookies for Santa - CHECK.

Elves zip-lining as their last stunt - CHECK.

Stockings hung and fire with real wood - CHECK.

Presents all arranged - CHECK.

The colored lights broke and would not work on Christmas morning, so next year I win and it's white lights only. Fuh real.

What a beautiful night of expectation and silliness. I bet that's how Mary felt too...

Corinne's Picture Day

Corinne did NOT want me to take her picture before school on Picture Day.
Here she is holding her lunch.

So after school we went to the library and walked around.

And she STILL did not want to pose.

She was hiding that cute owl in every way she could.

You would think she was 12 years old...not just 23 months.

Good grief, are we in for it...what a cutie...