Friday, February 21, 2014

Guac and Bubbles

My name is Maya and I love a chip.

But not as much as I love guacamole:

Look I'm going in for another dip:

Can't talk now, y'all. Gotta lick this salt and guac and go back in for another dip.

And these bubbles are hilarious!  I can't stop laughing!

Neither can my cousin Corinne!

Best day ever in the driveway!!

Shoot the Hoop, Henry, 2014!

Henry's basketball season is winding to a close, and I finally got some blurry pictures.
Henry's team is in the gray jerseys, and he is #11 with a blue t-shirt under his tank.

In this one, he is in the bottom right of the picture and he had just shot the ball going through the net!!

He's on the far left in this one and he just shot the ball that's at the top of the photo.  I can't remember if it went in. Let's say it did and call it a 3, eh?

He's on defense here with his back to us, left hand reaching out to stop the ball.
We let the guy by and he scored, but that's okay. We're building character here, people.

Um, I think he fouled that dude in this one. Oh well.

Henry taking it down the court for the Diamondbacks!

We have yet to win a game, but I'm feeling really good about tomorrow, y'all.  He has had a great season despite the "no wins" and his parents are totally loud and obnoxious. Saturday mornings are awesome, y'all.