Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Sunday Morning Thoughts, Losing Teeth, Playing in Snow. Whew.

Henry has decided that he wants to sit with me in church on Sunday mornings instead of joining the other children at Children's Church.
This is just fine with me since it's about the only time in the week he is still long enough for me to cuddle him for half a second.

He'll draw on all of the offering envelopes and then make an elaborate baseball game on his bulletin. Then he'll stop for awhile and just when I think he is listening, he'll look at me and ask, "What happens if you eat the sun?"

Towards the end, he'll usually pull his hair a lot and say, "I don't like my hair. I want it OFF."

At least he's honest.

And did I mention he lost his two front teeth this week? Awesome. Or as he says now, "Awethome."

We also had some snow recently and Henry had a great time making a snowman:

Then smashing it:

Svea found the snow to be cold and wet, and the indoors to be warm and dry. She prefers warm and dry.

Smart kid.

Monday, February 08, 2010

She Always Says the Right Things...Mostly Kinda.

Svea: Mom, I am NEVER going to eat earwax.

Svea: (playing with her workshop and measuring the height of something) Mom! The measure is enough!

Svea: Mom! Let's play Hide and Seek! I'll be Jesus!

Svea: (after I had hung her clothes in her closet) Mom! Look! All of my clothes are on hookers!

Svea: (learning to play I Spy) I spy that white truck!

Svea: Henry, MY mom works at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Svea is also interested in repeating herself until you look at her and respond. Apparently, there is not a limit to how many times she will repeat herself. Once, in the car, she was calling Henry's name over and over again and then telling him the same story repeatedly. He was looking at her, blank-faced. When she was done with some cycle of her tale, he stopped her and said, "Svea, my brain is thinking about something else right now." Then he turned his head and looked out of his window.

If only we were all so honest.

Monday, February 01, 2010

100 Days...

Last Tuesday was Henry's 100th day of kindergarten. To celebrate, all the children dressed up like they were 100 years old. Henry was so excited and planned his entire outfit, practiced a bent-over walk, and made everybody call him Mr Smith.

We do not know any old men named Mr. Smith, for the record.

Pops let us saw off part of one of his canes, Sugar lent us a tennis ball, I, Husband sacrificed his 3-D glasses from seeing avatar, and I let him borrow my eyeliner pencil to draw all the face lines and stubbly beard. Svea gave her approval.

When I took him to school that morning, he got really nervous when we pulled up into the drop-off line. He said, "Mom! I don't want the cane and glasses anymore!"
I looked around and there were NO OTHER CHILDREN dressed up. I even saw kids in his class walking in normal clothes. I panicked that we had gotten the wrong day and ruined Henry's self esteem for life. He was going to be called Gramps or Geezer until high school and it was MY FAULT.

Like a good parent I told him he HAD to take the glasses and cane in and please get out of the car. Which he did.

After stressing all day about it, when I picked him up he still had his glasses on and cane in hand and he was grinning, laughing about all the students who had worn their bathrobes to school and even a shower cap was on one girl's head! Mom! A shower cap!

So hooray for Mr. Smith and dress-up days at school...even if this kindergarten gig is stressing me out.