Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Patch at The Farm

We have been in a blur of Fall Festivals and soccer games and trips to the pumpkin patch the past two weeks. Here are a few from Henry's class trip to the farm:

This kid can spend a half an hour in the toy aisle of Target. He was not taking his selection lightly.

This is Henry and Aryana on the hay ride. She quickly asked if she could use my camera...

...and the posing began with Gracia.

Here's a class picture after we learned about picking cotton (which was after eating lunch in a barn loft with pigs below which was after the hay ride and picking out our pumpkins. whew.)

Then we (they) got to play on the hay bales while we waited to learn about the animals in the petting part of the zoo.
I had just gone to the pumpkin patch with Svea's class and we just picked our pumpkin and ate lunch and went home. Henry's trip had so much learning involved.
Just ask me what you call a baby rabbit next time I see you.

I had to leave early so I missed the corn maze. Henry said it was awesome.

Henry and Svea have been getting candy all week wherever they turn so I hope Saturday still feels special...anyways, Happy safe Halloween everyone!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This Is My Desktop Picture

This is my niece Miriam and I can't stand it she is so cute.

We had a great, muddy, squeal-y, laugh-y, productive, bonding day up visiting our cousins a few weeks ago - more pictures to come - I just can't stand to not go on and post this picture.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mystery Reader Fun

I was the "Mystery Reader" in Henry's class a few Fridays ago.
I gave his teacher 5 clues about myself and she read one each day. Here are my clues:

1. My name starts with an M

2. I really love coffee (I included this one because Henry always comments on my coffee breath in the morning)

3. I just moved to Alabama this summer

4. My parents' names are Robin and Stewart

5. I have a Golden Retriever puppy named Sugar

So obvious, right? Well, Henry was totally surprised to see me. Mrs. Howanitz told me later that on Friday when clue #5 was read, Henry piped up with, "But I have a dog named Sugar!!"

What are the odds?

So I showed up with The Tooth Witch (thank you Kristin and Reggie) and passed out miniature marshmallows at the end (they were baby teeth the Tooth Witch had collected, of course). Then I got to eat lunch with Henry.

During lunch, he waved to his friends and told me how everything flowed in the cafeteria. Then he pointed to the door I was supposed to go through when it was time for me to leave. As soon as the last bite of his whole wheat corn dog was swallowed, he was ready for me to go.

I think I could have stayed all day.

Here we are on our big day (I truly was nervous that morning).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Long(ish) Ride Home

When I pick Henry up from school, he generally likes to be quiet and look out the window for awhile.
I love sneaking peeks back at him.

After a few minutes he wants to know if I've brought him a treat OR what's next on our agenda OR are we going to Target OR he explains that he can't tell me about his day because that would take too long OR that he did not like the snack I packed for him.

Deep down I think that all means that he missed me...a little bit.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Table Topper

Svea stayed home with me one day last week because she had a nasty cough. She changed out of her pajamas into new pajamas for the day. Then she wanted to color on top of the dining room table.

I couldn't think of a better place for her to enjoy her art.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Portraits

The air has changed here but

not the poses

for a little Fall moment

around the 'mums.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Preschool Open House!

Svea's Preschool had an open house recently.

Her teachers are so EXCITED and LOVE the kids and spent so much time making this RAINFOREST for the BIG NIGHT. And since we live in the SOUTH, everyone at this preschool adds SYLLABLES to their words and SINGS their questions and answers in kind of LOUD VOICES. And all of this is PERFECT for PRESCHOOL.

Our little tiger on safari:

We all got to wear these hats that Svea is modeling and even KEEP them. Awesome.

This is my favorite picture. Here, the director is showing pictures from the Chapel time the children have once a week. Across the bottom are papers numbered 1-7 for the 7 days in which God created the world and all life as described in Genesis.
Some of the older kids illustrated each number drawing what was created on which day.
On Day #7, the picture is of a man on a couch holding a remote control pointed at a TV. And on the SEVENTH day, God RESTED and watched FOOTBALL on HIS television using his REMOTE control and ALABAMA WAS WINNING.
A child seriously said that.

Again, people, sweet home Alabama.

My Teenaged Four Year Old

This is what Svea likes to do while she sings along to her music, waiting in the kindergarten pick-up line.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Weagle Weagle

Henry said War Eagle!

I actually did not hear him, but I imagine he did in this environment. He was very concerned that people would think he was a permanent Auburn fan, so when he talks about going to the game, he reminds everyone that he was ONLY a fan for Brooke WHILE at the game and that very night he changed BACK into an Alabama fan. Okay, kid.

Hooray for Aunt Brooke! And her sweet BF who I think could be Matthew McConaughey's cousin.

And hooray for Mimi and Papa for taking Henry to a fun day in Auburn!

I think they stayed for the whole first quarter. Woo hoo. Go Tigers. Or whatever.

Beach Bums

We got to escape to the beach for a few days last week and it was perfect in almost every single way.
Emphasis on the almost.

We left at about 7p and got there about 11p. The kids did great sleeping in the car, but both were a dazed version of wide-eyed when we got there. Henry walks in to the 2BR, 1Bath condo I found on VRBO and he said, "Mooooooom, this bathroom is SMALL."
Brian starts to giggle.
I'm looking around.
Svea starts to walk around and says, "Mom? Why are there crumbs on the floor?"

Brian face plants onto the bed in hysterical, high-pitched laughter and his feet hit the fold-out sofa, blocking the door to the balcony...and I can reach him while standing in the kitchen...that has crumbs (sand) on the floor. I'm still opening every door looking for the hallway, or at the least, the other bedroom.

There's a big fat NOPE on that second bedroom. The bathroom has a door at least, even if you have to stand in the kitchen to wash your hands in the bathroom sink.

The balcony was a Must on my list of requirements (which was obviously short) and you could get on the balcony if you stepped over the sleeping kids' bed. Two chairs fit out there, side by side. A Warrior II pose could be achieved at a diagonal.

Who needs a big condo at the beach, though, right?
It kept us outside in the awesome weather, volleying between beach and pool most of the day. We had lots of good, close, family time and we were so grateful for the getaway and the good attitudes.

I think maybe next time I'll let Brian book the condo since I look at lots of sites and then get their details confused...see the price on one and say YES before I double check the square footage...

Again, it was awesome. I'm so glad we went.
So are Henry and Svea.