Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Piano Man...and Woman

Happily playing with their own pianos:

Until Svea realizes that Henry's has a volume control and microphone as he belts out the ABC's:

And Henry decides he does not want to share and it's so close to bed time would it really matter that much if I pushed her over to get her away from my "pee-nano"?

A Natural?

This morning, while we were getting dressed, Henry saw the shorts I had picked out and said immediately, "put on shorts JUST like Papa." Then later we drove by the UE tennis courts where there happened to be a tennis camp going on, so for FOUR hours he asked to "go down there, go down the street, see tennis players???"
Finally, Svea woke up from her nap and we walked down where he could play tennis with the big boys. Or next to them. Outside the gate. Far enough away that they couldn't here him yell, "sideways swing mommmmyyyyyy!"

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Today's Play Date

Today's play date started out so know, swimming, snacks, toys...

Svea swam with Kelle a little and then had a snack on the towel...

Then she came in for a hug...faster than my camera could focus.

And then my kids decided NO MORE POOL and Henry found the Wiggles guitar and lost his clothes. He seems to be simultaneously flexing his muscles and hoping all are noticing his luscious farmer tan, all to the tune of "Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy."
Svea found her container with her veggie puffs inside, and is clutching it for dear life. She's already learning how to not share.
Kole (in the background behind Henry) is trying to figure out what that naked kid is doing with his guitar.

Who needs clothes when our fannies are this cute?

THIS a Hammah what Henry is saying to me in this picture. We were trying to air out our most recent diaper rash by playing in our Spiderman Big Boy Undies for awhile. Something about those tighty whities with sneakers and a t-shirt makes Henry want to work on the motor scooter. Have I mentioned we are from Alabama?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

JUST like...

Henry, Henry, do I begin this post...
He is such a toddler. His language development has been a total crack up lately, in addition to being fascinating as he describes his relationship with the world around him. For instance, most of his actions have to be, "JUST like (insert noun here)." The "JUST" comes out high pitched and sing-songy.

He loves Brian's Razz motor scooter and will sit on the step to the garage and stare at it for long periods of time. By "long periods" I mean that I whip my head into the side porch area every few minutes because the quiet still is too suspiscious...but, lo, he sits and stares at the Razz. So the other day he went and got his new tricycle and parked it next to the Razz, "JUST like Daddy's mo-cycle" so it could take a nap there in the garage while he slept in his bed.

He puts on his shoes "JUST like Mommy" and his new belt, "JUST like Daddy." He plays the big guitar "JUST like Pops" and sings BEE-DIE-DINGY-OH. Which is BINGO in Henry speak.
He rides his tractor "JUST like Papa" and Henry has a back "JUST like the old ladies sitting behind us in a restaurant." Those old ladies asked me what he meant and I just looked at them and explained that they have backs on their bodies, and so does Henry. I thought it was funny. They thought we were weird.

Brian and I went to our friends Barbara, Thomas and Calvin's house to put together a swing set last weekend (so Henry could hammer "JUST like Thomas"). Henry and Calvin threw the ball to each other...sort of. Only like one time, really.

And Barbara held Svea as long as she would let her. Then she was back on the ground eating dirt and leaves and crawling after the boys. Svea, that is, not Barbara.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Arwyn, the Warrior Princess

Arwyn came over to play this morning...and became the Warrior Princess since she knows how to twist off the tops to the paint containers. Henry hasn't figured that out yet, so I was unprepared and had to whip out my cat-like skills and reflexes to get her shirt off before she fingerpainted over her flower buttons.

Henry got jealous and wanted me to look at his tummy which he refused to paint since he really doesn't like to get his fingers dirty.

But he likes saying cheeeeese.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Can't Take the Heat

Trying to explain to Henry why he could only play outside for a limited time today due to the heat was like trying to explain to him the importance of holding his breath. If he can't go outside, he thinks he's going to suffocate.

Brian went on a bike ride this afternoon and when he got back, he let Henry wear the Camelbak. He knows what camels are, and he loves backpacks, so the combination was pretty exhilerating. And hydrating. He'll probably pee through his diaper tonight.

The tips of Svea's top teeth keep poking through and then receding. ?!?!?!?!?!? Tonight she kept opening her mouth really wide to pop her jaw, over and over. She thought she was pretty hilarious.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lemar Heaven

We went to the Lemars' house this afternoon because they are wonderful people, they have a pool and a John Deere riding lawn mower. Also, Ed and Bart were home and let Henry pick fresh blackberries off the bush and eat them and the combination of all of these details equals heaven for Henry. And me.

There was a storm passing, so we were afraid we couldn't swim, but we got so sweaty listening to the thunder that we jumped in anyway. But only after Henry "helped Baaahhhhttt" (that is, Bart) with some hammering.

And Svea got to pose and squeal for everyone. So proud of the rolls, my girl.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Acrobat

Before bed time, Brian and I have begun a ritual with the kiddos that is so blessed right now, but we may live to regret. Only due to the bruising.

After baths, Henry and Svea play on the floor a bit, and then we put Svea in her crib. Then Henry pretends to fall off his bed until Brian and I exclaim that UH OH Henry fell down and MY GOODNESS we hope he is OKAY. He loves that part.
And then he runs to one of us to "knock us over" with a hug. He'll count to three and say in a whisper, "Don't kick the Mommy" as maybe a personal reminder and because I say that 792 times a day, and then he charges forward.

The other night, he adapted his hug into a routine. That boy has some back muscles. I had the camera on motion setting to prevent blurry photos, but he would pose with his feet like that...sometimes they came yoga-ly close to his head. I think he gets that from his Pops.


I got to play in the backyard all day today. It was kinda hot. It didn't bother me though since I was concentrating on having a running commentary on everything in sight, such as:

"Drop the ball, Mollie. Drop it dropit dropit dropitdroptheballMollienow!"


"I see tree. I see tractor. I help mow dee grass. So nice of Henry to mow grass. Helping Mr. Jay mow grass. So nice."


"Slide. Swing. Ball. Ball. Ball. I running! Henry run so fast."

But these are just the things my Mommy can remember since I did talk the whole entire day.

I got to eat a lot today since I am refusing baby food and want the big stuff. My mouth kinda hurts too. I think my two new front teeth will be the size my Daddy currently has.

Look at This Beautiful Girl

Still just two bottom teeth, but you can see the outline of the top two coming in.

GB Activities

I mentioned that there is not a lot to do at Gorham's Bluff and since the two toddlers and one 10-month-old require consecutive 10-minute activities all awake hours of the day, we planned a trip to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. It was about an hour and half drive from GB to Chatty, which forced naps on the manic children and allowed the adults to complete some sentences. We made it through the fresh water then salt water buildings, ate lunch and were home in time to go to the pool before dinner.

At the Aquarium, they had one circular tank that was full of all the fish that were in the dentist's aquarium in "Finding Nemo." Genius. Brian had to crawl in the center tunnel with Henry though, so I got a good distorted picture of them.

Svea was more low-key and was fine with her bottle, looking at all the fish through the sun light.

There were a few points through the aquarium where you were allowed to reach your hand in the tank and use TWO FINGERS to stroke the back of a sturgeon or sting ray. Two fingers. Henry splashed waves so big in the sting ray tank that his entire shirt was wet for the rest of the tour.

Since our kids decide to wake up at 5:30am on vacations (every day) and breakfast is not served until 8:30am, Brian and I had to come up with ways to get them quiet and out of the house before they woke up Lydia. Mostly that involved dodging the goose poop to go tell the geese good morning, a few trips down the slide, kissing Svea's toes, and some loops on the "trikey-cycle." It had to be Lydia's trikey-cycle though. Henry's own would never do.

Gorham's Bluff

I need to give some major props.

After my brother's wedding on June 10th (pictures and stories of that to come), some of my family went up to a bed & breakfast called Gorham's Bluff in Pisgah, Alabama. I had heard before we left that some people call it "Bore-ham's Gluff" due to the lack of things to do, but I thought, there's a huge flat screen TV in our rental and a pool...we'll be fine. I had no idea just how fine until I saw the white robes hanging in our walk-in closet and found out they bring fresh bottled water to your rental every day. Not to mention changing your sheets, fresh towels and a basket full of junk food snacks. Every. Day.

Here's Twelve Oaks, the house we rented:

Then we went to the pool and they had these chairs:

Notice the roll-out tray underneath and the different angles at which to prop your knees. Also, a cooler full of cold bottled water (refilled each morning) in case you get thirsty while doing nothing.

There was a playground right beside the pool that Lydia and Henry loved...and Meredith and I loved that Bobbie and Pops were there to take them down the slide.

Henry is finally showing consistent interest in the pool and got in it every day that we let him. Here he is letting Pops throw him "up in dee sky! up in dee sky!"

Svea loved crawling around in between the pool and playground, and then loved getting in the water with her Bobbie.

We had to walk past the pool on our way to our gourmet breakfast each morning...which was unbelievable. It was served at the Lodge (where you can also rent a room):

Our table was positioned on the back porch overlooking the bluff that allows a view of Tennessee and Georgia I think. It was pretty wherever it was. There was a gazebo that Lydia and Henry ran to after we let them get up from their fresh cherry pancakes, toasted granola with honey and blueberries, fresh juice and organic coffee. Some days offered an egg souffle thing with ham or corn hash in the middle, grits or hashbrowns and always fresh biscuits with 3 different kinds of jelly. I don't even really get in to food that much - Brian does - but I began planning my days around this breakfast after the first morning. Here is Henry and Lydia with tummies full:

Now some of you may be wondering how in the world a family like ours can stay at a place so luxurious and that's when we all four sing in unison THANK YOU BOBBIE AND POPS FOR THE AMAZING GETAWAY AFTER AN EMOTIONAL WEEKEND.

We are all still adjusting from being so spoiled for a week. I'm out of Snickers and bottled water.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Running with the Big Boys

Running with the big boys
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Henry got to run with the big boy cousins, Brandon and Austin at BSC. Brandon is a cross country runner (as was Henry's Uncle Brad) and Austin is a good steady companion.

We were so glad to get to spend time with them this weekend.

Burning Steam at BSC

Future student?
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