Saturday, November 29, 2008

Roll Tide Roll.

Or something.

It was a big day for us, and all of the teams we support. For I, Husband's sake, we are proud and relieved that Tuscaloosa was Runnin' Thangz. Roll Tide.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Stockings!

Here is Kristen's final one:


and Heidi's:

Making them is contagious...

Basketball Fever

Maybe living in the Hoosier State is finally rubbing off on Henry. He wanted to build a basketball game the other day:

He came up with the spoon baskets and scrabble holder things all by himself.
Love it.

Solution to the Problem, Aaarg Matey.

Henry learned about pirates at school the other day. He also learned that we did not own any of the kinds he wanted.

So when he got home from school, he wanted to build a pirate ship and turn his firefighters into pirates with swords and hooks.

Here is how he solved his problem:

Twisted paperclips became swords and hooks (we did help him with this part), jenga blocks became planks for the Unfortunate to walk, and an old wine box as the ship.

I'm still not sure what the pumpkin bubbles bottle was for. Maybe steering the ship? Or forcing that poor dude off the plank into the "water"?

Regardless, it provided hours of quiet entertainment, so I was all for it.

Svea, in the meantime, has figured out that she can pull her dress off of her body while leaving the neckline at an angle over her face so one eye is covered. Henry builds a ship, and Svea runs around with an unside-down headress covering one eye screaming, "Arg! Look, Mom! I'm a pirate!"

Fun times, fun times.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Taking a Break

We are taking a break from certain movies in our house.

For instance, Jasmine asks Aladdin if he thinks she is STUPID and then the little blonde girl on "Charlie Brown's Christmas" says all she ever gets is STUPID Christmas presents instead of good ones.
No matter how much goodness and nostalgia these two movies offer, all Henry and Svea hear is STUPID and they run around screaming that word.

Then I heard Svea the other day gathering some dolls and lovingly calling them her "little idiots" which she confessed to learning from Cruella Deville in "101 Dalmatians".
While I was trying to figure what to do with that, I watched her nuzzle her plastic 2" tall pony to her nose and say, "But I want it to be for LOVE."
Truly she is not getting the point of Jasmine's plea to her father the Sultan.

Leaving that room to enter the next, Henry plopped on the floor and asked me, "So how about it, Toots?" Or is that "Tutz"? I dont' even know how to spell it. When I asked him where he heard that he replied, "'Thumbelina'."
Of course.

On "Little Mermaid" one of the only scenes that sticks in their heads is when Ursula the Sea Witch shakes her big bum and reminds Aerial of the "importance of body language." That's funny maybe once in the living room, but not so much when they re-enact that in the grocery store, the library, and perhaps at preschool.

Ironically, I, Husband and I went to go see the play "Into the Woods" last night. If you haven't seen it, it is brilliant - especially if you are up to date on all of your fairy tales.
I'm not sure what Henry and Svea would do with the cutting off of toes and heels in the Cinderella story line or the gruesome gutting of Little Red Riding Hood's wolf or slaying of giants in Jack and the Beanstalk. Maybe those will be just as difficult to explain as STUPID, body language, shut-up, idiots, and all the kissy kissy true love happening only between princes and princesses. Where's the middle ground, people?

Maybe Henry is Google-ing the answer for us right now.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I have been waiting, impatiently, since last year's performance of So You Think You Can Dance when Sabra won and toured.

This year Joshua won, all participants were better dancers, the show was at a bigger venue, and it was again an amazing performance.

I will break it down for you (no pun intended) hopefully in a way that won't make you roll your eyes too much. I am exploding with pure excitement, joy, admiration, music and moves for these dancers and choreographers. This will carry me until next year, for sure.

To begin, it took us 40 minutes to drive the one mile from our hotel to the Arena, but we were in Atlanta and that's normal and all. I loved this sign

as we queued up with texting teenage girls, their moms and dads, and the random 30-40 year old population into which we fit. There are LOTS in that third category, I am proud to say.

We screamed through the introduction and clapped our hands off. Deep down, under all my screaming for Twitch (who is from Montgomery, AL and will easily get a dance job anywhere - AND I bought the t-shirt with his name on it) and Joshua (season 4 winner and most versatile, by far), I really love Mark the mostest.

After the intros, I was stressed as my camera only holds about 20 photos so I had to be strategic. At one point I could see all the thousands of other fans holding up their cameras, but there was no flash. Later I realized they were holding up pictures of flickering flames on their iPhones and swaying back and forth. What??!!? No more lighters are concerts, people. That is so last year.
For the set list highlights:

Joshua & Katee's opening Samba number:

Kerrington & Twitch Convict Hip Hop:

Will & Jessica's Contemporary:

Mark and Comfort in Detention:

The Group Bollywood Routine:

THE DANCE group dance choreographed by Mia Michaels:

Katee & Twitch and the Door...also choreographed by Mia:

Comfort and Twitch's "Forever" Hip Hip:

Chelsie & Mark's Bleeding Love (skip to 4 minute mark for the best parts).
I did have to join the teenagers on this one, knowing every word and move and all. I admit it. This is, however, the one dance I photographed with my camera on the wrong setting. Aaaaaargh. Not to worry; I am still affected.

Katee & Joshua's Hip Hip - No Air:

And the final group routine from "Hairspray":

Those are only the numbers I photographed (lucky for you)...there were many more.
We had a great time together:
Me with my double chin, Mer looking photogenic and Carol, who was so blown away by the show that her bangs parted.

Until SYTYCD 2009...

Monday, November 10, 2008

When Your Son Finds Your Daily Sudoku

...and makes it his own...

I think he solved it, in his own way.

(Neda, thought of you on this one particularly. I hope he gets your mad sudoku/crossword skills)

My Knight, Winking In Shining Armor

A Few More

I tell ya, I can't stop...

Never Too Early to Sew a Christmas Stocking

Some friends and I got together last weekend to brainstorm some stockings.
We got inspired here and here, then got to clipping and measuring and pinning, etc.

There's nothing like good friends, red wine, Christmas music, and a project to make a weekend night perfect.

Here are some of the works in progress:

I'm sure I'll have more to post soon since I can't stop making's addictive...and a great way to thin out your fabric stash.

Crop Walk '08

Henry, Svea and I participated in a Crop Walk this past Saturday to raise money and awareness about hunger around the world.

It was fun to see so many people there, eagerly participating as I had never even heard of a Crop Walk before Angela participated in one last April.

Since I've been pretty fired up about Bread for the World this year, and then the whole Obama campaign, it just made sense to raise some funds and go. It did not make a whole lot of sense to be out in the cold wind, pushing 70 pounds of children in a double stroller. But we weren't hungry, and out of that gratitude, we walked.

First, we got stickers and had an apple.

Then Henry and Svea ran in circles.

I guess it's a fitting metaphor for how futile it can feel to eradicate hunger in Evansville, the US...and the world. I think that's what Henry and Svea were getting at here.

This picture looks like it was taken at the end of the walk with Henry's head hidden and Svea's lack-of-enthusiasm face. It was, however, taken before we took one step.

Maybe next year will be easier to teach advocacy and activism.
In the meantime, we are grateful to have full bellies and warm homes.