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Zoo Time

The zoo opened up a new exhibit called Amazonia that we visited recently with some friends, Mallory, Devon and Meg. Wonderful weather, fun friends, perfect Monday.

Mallory and Svea buddied up almost immediately,

and they all loved running.

Henry looking at Shere Khan:

Devon, Meg and Mallory:

Svea, who needs no entertainment as long as there are nasty feathers withered up by the shoreline:

What a great way to start the week...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Haiku #15

a street lamp’s soft glow
within its beam a ballet
snow flakes dance to earth

Haiku #14

Oh mighty bacon
You sizzle and pop so well
Our breakfast awaits

Haiku #13

Ice cream cavities,
Cappuccino stains take time -
Aspen can help you!

Haiku #12

Five days is rigid
as the earliest for me to see
a baby for me.

Haiku # 11

Welcome back to the Haiku Project!

sun after a fight

to remind us that this too

shall pass and bring light

Happy Birthday Svea!

Svea is three!!
Hooray for her birth and life!

I, Husband made her this rocking horse which she named Patches. He loves lollipops. Especially the ones that look like bouncy balls.

Deep down she really loves this horse, even though she didn't want to sit on it for a birthday picture.

We took our traditional trip to Turoni's for birthday pizza, Sprite and balloons. Henry got an iron-on t-shirt that he picked out for Svea's birthday. And a cheese ball smile.

Svea could not take the Sprite straw from her lips to cheese ball smile at the camera, but she did get a Princess balloon.

And, of course, a picture with the moose.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl.

A Little More Home Improvement

We had a huge rainstorm last spring that caused some water damage in our breakfast room. There was red and white checked wallpaper hung by a previous owner on the wall before that rainstorm.

All the water pouring in loosened the wallpaper adhesive, and it is WAY too tempting to eat a meal in there and not peel away at it...especially for a 4-year-old little boy. The most rewarding part for him was peeling a big piece off and hitting his sister with it while she was taking a bite of cereal.

So I decided maybe I should strip it and paint.
It took all summer.

But thanks to a friend with a steamer, and another with 4 inch blade scrapers, and a helpful husband to watch the kids, it finally got done.
I found some blue and eggshell and primer in the basement (thanks again, previous owners), mixed up some paint and we were ready to go.

New room. Uninjured sister. Bored 4-year-old boy. Not too bad.

You know, I thought I was being all Martha Stewart putting those apples in a bowl on a tablecloth we never use...and then I got closer and saw that Someone had needed just a little snack. Good grief.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good Combination

Lately, the tear in the seat of this chair has been bugging me. It's apparently been bugging Svea too. This is "her" chair at night when she and Henry watch a video at the computer (he gets the big desk chair, of course) and the tear has grown in the past 2 weeks as she picks and pulls at it:

I got this for my birthday, sweet Husqvarna Lily:

Then fabric was on sale and Amy Butler's inspiring Midwest Modern was available at the library and viola! Slip cover solution!

We'll see how Svea likes it tonight...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Haiku #6

We continue this week with the Haiku Project. One a day for the next 2 weeks. Weekends off. Join us.

anxious for the slice

of bread fresh from the oven

too quickly will fall

Angel Dress

Aunt Merpha made this dress for Lydia years ago, and it didn't fit her. So it went into the Hand-me-down Svea Box and Svea LOVES it. I had no idea. My little smocked angel.

Fun Times at the Pool

Even if we couldn't get anyone to look at the camera at the same time, and it started pouring rain ten minutes after these shots were taken, and the pool closed for the season today...
 was still great fun.

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Haiku #1

you appear ready
to become the bread of life
you were meant to be

Hurry Up and Haiku

We have hurried up to slow down all summer long it seems.
Now we are home.
For a few weeks, at least.

At the beginning of the summer I started collecting haikus from various friends. These verses had to be about things that cannot be hurried. I encouraged them to hurry up and write, of course. Appropriate of me.

I will post one a day (M-F), keeping artists anonymous, through August as a reminder to all of us to hurry up and slow down already - the summer is coming to a close.