Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jackson Family Xmas 2013

It's a blurry, silly, messy, funny time.
Just like in the barn in Bethlehem.
Not really.
But it's still real to get together and remember and celebrate.

Merry Christmas, y'all.

Corinne vs. Santa

Corinne was born in 2010, but she has been scared of Santa since the early '90's.

Until he showed up as a toy maker and sang songs on the guitar. Then she was all smiles:

She did check and make sure that I was watching her watch Santa as he sang:

She had some warm up time with her BFF and their antlers:

Roll tide, Happy Santa, Smiling Gingerbread People, Antlers in your face, y'all.

Happy Anniversary 2013!

Just a few 21 days late, we went out for our anniversary!

12 years are good, people.
My heart, mind, spirit and inspiration are full tonight.

Love you, Brian.

Monday, December 02, 2013


Svea went rogue with my phone the other day...she took pictures of herself and Henry hiding in various places in Mimi's house.

That's all fine - taking the pictures and all - but then she started texting every name in my Inbox saying she was stuck and could they please come find her?

I am seriously surprised that the authorities have not been called.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Third Graders in the Gardens

Svea's third grade class went to the Botanical Gardens a few weeks ago.

While all the girls walked in groups holding hands, tripping over each other to affirm and complain, all the boys were climbing the trees and sculptures and finding sticks to be swords and other weapons.

The moms in charge of groups of boys eventually gave up on control.
The moms in charge of groups of girls tripped over themselves and the girls trying to hug and hold everyone's hands.

Here are some of the things the kids said:

"I want to hold HER hand!"

"She won't walk with me!"

"Look! A RED tree!"

"Are we having chicken tonight?"
"I love chicken!"
"Wait, where are the chickens??"
"I didn't know the Gardens had chickens!"

"I'm so hungry."

"Rocks! Can we climb on them??"

"Native Americans?!?  I am a Native American!"

"Is that bamboo??"

"A pinecone!  I'm taking THIS home!  Wait - nevermind. It's too pointy."


"I am so hungry. Still."

"My mom was supposed to come. But something came up. Something ALWAYS comes up."

"Smell this leaf!"

"SHE said giraffe poo can be very DRAMATIC."

"I haven't sat down this whole entire time."

"Can we go to McDonalds?"

"Will you check ALL of us out after this field trip and take us to a restaurant?"

Then there were the adults.  Here are some of the things they were saying:

"Put down the sticks!  NO STICKS!"

"Put down the leaf! You are getting it everywhere!"

"You are making a mess!"

"You know you can't take that with you."

"No running in the Gardens! Someone is going to get hurt..."

"Boys and girls, this is NOT a race."


Seriously, y'all. These are 9-year-olds in nature.
They are totally hungry and making a mess.