Sunday, December 07, 2014

Henry In The Choir, 2014

I had to mark the year, 2014, in this title because I am not sure Henry will ever survive another Christmas children's choir performance.  Truly he took it as torture.

Henry:  I might bite my tongue if that other guy doesn't rub his eye out.

"I am so tired of this. Anyone? Anyone?"

"I can't look...I can't look. Jesus is coming y'all...I can't look."

"Oh, man. Here comes another one."

"Seriously, this is a different yawn from the previous."

"Maybe THIS yawn makes it look like I'm singing. Because I know the words. Even though I won't sing."

"Sneeze or yawn? Sneeze or yawn?"

"Wait! It's time for me to play the Orff thing. Big Xylophone. Whatever."

"Now I'm back up here yawning."

"I think I passed my yawn to the girl in front of me. Contagious, y'all."

"Good thing this only comes once a year..."

Monday, November 10, 2014

Cutthroat Kitchen PB&J

The latest craze at our house is mimicking Cutthroat Kitchen from the Food Network.

We don't do the auctions or send anyone "home" we are already at home...but we do scream and clap really loudly for the best tasting dish. 

For one Peanut Butter and Jelly "episode" we gathered ingredients...

...prepared the team...

...gave them 60 seconds to grab ingredients and make a plan...

...then they were off!!

Our taste tester master chef tried the final results.

Basically, the girls won based on presentation and taste.

The boys lost because, in the judge's words, their "sandwich was horrible. And I hate raisins."

Better luck next time boys...

...but thanks for the inspiration and laughter!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Today, I Flew.

I went to an aerial yoga class in Harpersville today.
Do not judge.
Here are the silk hanging drapes:

Our family moved 5.5 months ago, changing schools, homes, churches, communities, markets, people, friends, familiarity, almost everything.
The kids asked why ONE THING couldn't stay the same.
It doesn't work like that with us, I told them, it's all and everything.

So I went to aerial yoga today.
And learned to trust hanging upside down. I learned how to swing again, how to regain my balance.

Five months ago I also went to contemporary worship at our new church. They handed me a bulletin with a tear-off thing at the bottom.  I was supposed to write my prayer concern on the bottom part of the bulletin, below the perforation, then walk it up to the offering basket to offer my prayer in the bowl for the week. AS IF.
If I walk my prayer concern to the basket in the front then PEOPLE WILL SEE ME AND KNOW I HAVE A PRAYER CONCERN.
Hello, vulnerability.

I filled out several tear-off thing prayer concerns over the following weeks and occasionally got them in the basket when the service was over. I realized my theme was common: I'm in transition, I need a hug.

I kept writing down, "God, could I please just have a hug? That I can feel?"

So I went to aerial yoga today.
I was nervous and eager, it took a lot of time, and my joints and muscles are gratefully sore. As I wrapped and stretched and trusted the drape, I felt it: the hug.

Aerial yoga feels like a hug from God. 

I wish this same feeling of lightness and work and balance and trust and submission to the drape for every single living being. Even for the not living things, like stones.

Everyone, everything, needs a hug from God.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Quilt for Genevieve

Dear Genevieve, 

We waited, and longed, for you for ages.  We loved you before you even came into this world. That's weird to write since I have never actually met you.

My idea for your quilt began when your mom and dad began planning for and loving you. Now you are big. Like, five years old or something.
Your mom loves cats. So do I. And aren't those colors cute??

Through each of these squares, I thought of you, made wishes for you, hopes, dreams, and silly faces.

There are thousands of stitches here for you, sweet girl.  The stitches are not even or straight. In fact, the color of thread may not even match. But that's okay; sometimes life is like that.

I hope it brings you warmth when needed, comfort and cushion when required, and a send of proud purpose as YOU are a GIFT to this world.


Thursday, September 04, 2014

Maya Day at the Summit

Dirt Cookies, Y'all

My sister made me read this book:

She's older than I am, so she can make me do things.

I am all about a food theory and an experiment so I read quickly and got to cooking.
I ordered dextrose (one of our very options as we wean from sucrose, glucose, fructose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, honey, maple syrup, stevia, agave nectar, and all other artificial sweeteners) from Amazon (thank you, Prime!) and used it to make Dirt Cookies.

So fun because the kids and husband started eating them before I could explain and THEY LIKED THEM.

Score one for less sugar.
A million more recipes to try...

She's Still Only Three Years Old