Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just As Bess Says

Oh me, oh my!

Are you annoyed by my child's cry?

You had hoped for a quiet

       romantic interlude,

Did the glow of the red chili help

      set that mood?


Oh me, oh my!

I'm off to follow my child for some

        fresh air outside. . . .  so so so sorry.

Happy Memorial Day!


Just As Darth Vader Says

you said your water was off

it was freshly filtered
from the source

granted the filter needed changing
last year

(Thanks, Meg, for this shout out to iHusband and your shared sense of humor)

On Today

What Worked Today:

* Henry's tree-climbing Skills.
* My parenting.
* The weather - it didn't rain until we got home from climbing trees.
* Crumbling dried habanero peppers from Seton Harvest in my black bean soup.
* My first ever attempt at meringue.
* A trip to the library where the kids wanted to actually check out books. At the library. And read them together and then take them home. And read them again. Heavens.
* A trip to Rural King for (free) popcorn and then using the Rural King cart (loaded with 2 kids and 2 bags of popcorn) to go through Buy Low to get groceries so I could just park once and walk through a few bumpy parking lots.
* My deodorant.

What Did Not Work Today:

* Svea's tree-climbing skills.
* My parenting.
* The appropriateness of our grocery store conversation. Yes, I'm pretty sure Mickey's dog Pluto has a penis and that he is a boy.
* Mortar on bricks I am trying to repair in the back yard.
* Henry's nap time involving sleep...for the 4th day in a row.

I'm so glad the list of What Worked is longer...

Just As Barbara Says

You are cold and hard;
Yet I always embrace you
seduced by your warmth
your depth

I long for your taste on my lips;
to feel you sparkle beneath my fingers.

clutch you in my arms
though you have no heart
plead for your forgiveness
I cannot forgive you.


We tried to go to the zoo the other morning, and as we walked out of the back door to load our picnic and stroller and sunscreen into the car, it started raining.
I guess I should have checked a few things first.

So we redirected to the mall for a little playground action, and then to Hobby Lobby for rubber stamps.

As long as we keep moving, I don't think Svea and Henry even care about the schedule or routine.
Wish I didn't...

Just As Dianne Says

I have cut
the roses
that were magnificent
on the bush

and which now
will never know
the love
of a bee

Forgive me
they are beautiful
so luscious
in my kitchen

Green Means Go, Even When You Accidently Say it and Still Try to Get Everyone to Stop in the Game

Red Light!

Green Light!

Just As Amy Says

I haven’t
Forgotten about you
And your aged calcium
And avian deposits

I am reminded
Each time I admire
The spring growth
And returning morning

Forgive me
But papers and
The garden
Invite me away

Giving My Mom a Heart Attack

Svea's favorite apparatus at the park is this firefighter's pole which she can barely reach from a ledge 5 feet off of the ground and then she likes to hang suspended for a few seconds before climbing down to run about and do it all over again.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just As Heidi Says

I have taken the millions
of plastic toy parts
that litter our living room
and set them afire in a giant

Forgive me
but the idea of
a synthetic primary colored
bonfire was so
appealing after I
tripped over the
pieces for the millionth time.

Glue, Macaroni and a Camera

Nothing like a photo shoot during craft time.

It never gets old seeing your face on a screen either.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just As Carroll Lane Says

I'm sorry

I didn't

call you

back today.

Someone very

special called me

from the

next room

and we had

more fun

than I could have

on the phone.

Dress-up Party

We all see how it should "go" a little differently from the other.

Regardless, everyone, meet Sleeping Beauty, Generic Football Player and Reluctant Snow White who has never read nor seen "Snow White." But I bet she would love those dwarves.

Just As Alicia Says

That we will all be split
Open, sliced apart
By the scalpel of life.

You fear the cold table,
The scar etched into your skin.

Forgive me for letting you go
You’ll wake
with a stronger whole,
Fully sewn.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Picnic! And Swings! And Mama J!

Enough said.

Just As Carol Says


I have broken
your web
that was in
the corner

with which
you were probably
your breakfast

Forgive me
It was frightening
so sinister
and so sticky

More Bonding With Pops...

I think Henry was off changing his clothes...again.

Just as Stephanie Says

I have watered
the plants
that were calling
my name

and which
did not receive
of the restricted supply

Forgive me
it was worth it
please don't
change my clothes

Playtime With Pops

Svea dominated Pops' time when he came up to visit last week...

...tea parties, movie time, dress-up time, you name it.

I think deep down he really loved being bossed around.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just As Meg Says

I was astonished to learn that
your fingers fell off

Mastering cursive handwriting
demands so much

Yet homework still trumps
assembling Star Wars Legos


A new photo workshop is in the works.

Meg alerted me to an episode of This American Life that covered this poem by William Carlos Williams.

Then she suggested we do something with it.

So we have!

For those of you who are fans of the Svea-Henry angle of this Henry-Svea blog, I love you and never change, but bear with me through these creative bursts. I have even thought about creating a separate blog for the creative enterprise, but is having more than one blog considered Too Much? What would I even name the Second Blog on Creativity? Suggestions?

I will try to intersperse the Henry-Svea story between poetic interludes this week.

For now, just to show you how over me my children are, check out my two-year-old:

She's either talking to Aunt Merpha, who is 4 feet away, or Mama J. Her two conversationalists of choice.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

French Braids

I never thought I would get to french braid Svea's hair, considering her aversion to all things even touching her hair. Including the wind. She does not find the sensation of wind blowing her hair pleasing. The first time it happened she grabbed her head and asked if she was blowing away.

A few weeks later she picked out her own ponytail holders and has been much more interested in keeping her hair out of her face, especially when it comes to meal and snack times. Do not come between this girl and her food.

This morning, I had the help of Super Why and she sat still before, during and after the braiding.
Miracles happen.