Sunday, September 24, 2006

Saturday, September 23, 2006

School Days

Henry and Svea got new backpacks this week from Mimi!

When they go to "school" I have to leave their diaper bags out in the hall on top of their name tags, so a bag with their name makes everything much easier. In addition, maybe some people will learn how to pronounce Svea's name correctly. For the past 3 weeks her teachers have been calling her "Seevah." Whatever.

Basketball Fever

Basketball fever is coinciding with football mania in our living room. And there's really nothing else I can say about these pictures...other than the fact that Henry still refuses to wear pants with his cowboy boots when we are in the house.


"Turoni's" has become a key word in our house meaning "we don't have to cook and we can pay people to wait on us and bring us food and clean up our kids' crumbs" and there comes at least one day in our house each week when all of those services are rendered priceless.
Usually it's Sunday night.

Last Sunday, Brian got called into work and there was no way I was missing the treat of Turoni's so I took the kids by myself for the first time.

Henry was excited...

...especially when the men at the table next to us began talking about football. He swung his head around and yelled, "Mommy! They are talking about football!"

Svea was just hungry and would slam her hand down, then

yell for more food.

It was a successfull outing though and "Turoni's" remains a magical word in our house.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Yeah Alabama, Crimson Tide...

Happy Birthday To Me

Henry has been really in to birthdays lately and wants cake and hats and singing for everyone.

In the bath, it was his turn to sing to himself...Brian could hardly hold the camera steady from laughing.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Guess Who Got to Dress Himself Today?

My New Tennis Dress Hand-me-down

Mimi gave this dress to Lydia for her first birthday in 2005 and I remember wishing so bad that I would have a girl someday who could wear something so cute.

Then Meredith and Lydia came up for a visit bearing 4 boxes of hand-me-downs-thank-goodness-for-us and in one of the boxes was the sweet tennis dress! There have been maybe 3 days warm enough to wear it, so I think I'll just put it on her and crank up some heat.

We went to a play date for her first outing in the dress.
Svea, Lydia, Danny and Wyatt from left to right.

Svea and Wyatt...uh, okay. Choo choo.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Super Domestique

I was going to entitle this enrty "Monkey See, Monkey Do" but I already wrote one with that title...and probably will have many more deserving it.

I really love doing laundry and I guess it's a good thing considering all that is spilled, spit and pooped in our house. So Henry has watched me fold lots of loads and is cluing in that I love the help. When I was in the next room one day, he started this helping on his own:

My favorite is when he shakes it out really hard and then holds it under his chin. I must have done that 88,000 times in front of him without even noticing that I did it.

Also, please note Henry's carefully coordinated outfit. The boots are a must upon waking each morning and the pajama pants need to be hiked up high as to not interfere with the boots. At least it's all clean, right?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Lydia, Henry, and Svea

I'm not sure if I should keep such a large video up on my blogger site, so here is the link to see it on Google Video. Let me know if you have any trouble getting to watch it.

Movie Title

The movie title is hard to read, so to clarify, it is:

Our Gobble, Gobble, Horsey, Kangaroo, Goat-filled Head-to-Toe Weekend
Starring Lydia Matthews, Henry Erickson and Svea Erickson

Monday, September 04, 2006

Brian's (and my) Bliss

Yesterday afternoon, we were going for perfection.

First, an afternoon drive in the Scout (notice the Alabama flag hanging by the garage). The drive involved moving the car seats and us hanging over the roll bar to buckle the kids in. ALREADY it's fun.

The weather was perfect for the drive, though Henry wasn't sure about all that wind. Especially on his new football. And in his eyeballs. Svea, on the contrary, loved it.

Second, we went to a UE soccer game. Henry was dressed for it, after all, in his Henry jersey from Uncle Brad, his Chilean soccer shorts from Daddy, his cowboy boots and his UE hat. And his new football. We keep expecting Svea to just get up and WALK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD but she had fun crawling around in the grass.
We didn't actually get to watch the soccer game of course, but we did have fun playing in the practice field NEXT to the game.

And third, we went out for pizza and were home by 6pm. A good afternoon I would say.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Grocery Stowe Wer

Yesterday was grocery store day. Or "Grocery Stowe Wer" according to Henry. He has decided that every one syllable word must have two. He also asks to go to Alabama every single day. Connection?

So at the store there is a cashier named Bob who gives Henry a sticker every time - even if we aren't in his check-out line. This cashier, Bob, who Henry calls by name, will leave the poor customers in his line to walk over to ours just to give Henry and sometmes Svea a sticker. I feel bad for those other customers, but mostly I'm grateful.

Henry is picking up on all of the little catch phrases I use at the store like, "Have a nice day" and "Thank you." When we got home, he "helped" me unload the groceries and as I put them away, he unloaded the pantry into his shopping cart and told me to "Have a nice day" and that "It's so good to see you, Mommy" and "I gone BUY this" for approximately 47 minutes.

Then he decided that the plaid shirt he had on would never do and the only thing that would is his Alabama football jersey. I think he saw the big Alabama flag Brian hung outside yesterday morning. After he was properly attired, Svea jumped on board unloading the pantry.

That's her car seat you see in the corner of the photo because I had to re-adjust the straps. She is now on the same setting as Henry's straps (@*&$^(*#^?!!) she's so big.