Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Wedding Shower

Corinne, caught in mid-kiss from her Mama, in a party dress from sweet Darla from Grove Hill, at her first wedding shower for KB and Brad.

Henry and Hibachi

Henry got to go to a Japanese Hibachi Grill with Aiden for his birthday complete with flying food, chopsticks and fire. So. Much. Fun.

He even came home with leftovers. Yum.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Her Journey

I was going through some old pictures and found these from 2 weeks ago. Henry woke up and threw up a few Mondays ago, so he was staying home from school.

Svea told us she felt bad and MY GRACIOUS she is convincing. So we let her stay home thinking she had the bug too. By the end of the week, Brian was preaching The Boy Who Cried Wolf to her, but she came back with The Daughter Who Doesn't Care.

She gathered all her books, stuffed animals and blankets and loaded up Patches the Riding Horse as if he were her mule and Svea rode to Atlanta to see Aunt Beth. She read the whole way.

There was one pause in the journey when the lamp fell over and the bulb shattered, but that was just a minor stop over.

It took her three days to get all her toys and books and blankets back in her room.

(those are her feet sticking up as she was reading out loud under her "tent")

Monday, February 21, 2011

She Had To Move Her Clip

Svea had to move her clip today. For the first time.

In kindergarten language, that means she did not get a smiley face on her daily behavior chart, code #6 to be exact, which reads: "6. Failure to Keep Hands and Feet to Herself."
Serious sentence to some five-year-olds.

She kicked Colin.
I asked her why and she said, "I don't know."
I said that sometimes when we want someone to notice us we do things like that. Was that it?
She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "No," in the tone of voice of Dumb Mommy.
I told Brian and he said that maybe she just got tired of growling at Colin. Ha.

After kicking Colin, getting her clip moved, "sharing" her new Valentine card from Mama J with Corinne so that Corinne's face was covered in glitter, not eating her dinner, and reading the Sunday comics instead of taking a bath, she left this note on my bed:

Drama queen. Daggers in my heart.

Then I found this note in my purse:

Then she asked me to velcro her princess dress for her and come dance in her room before she went to bed.
I guess I am forgiven.
It's so great that grudges last about 2.6 seconds in this house. Moving on...

Henry got new cleats and starts soccer tomorrow so his behavior was spit spot.

And this little daisy:

Oh my, she is such a daisy. Smiling and grinning UNTIL I got the camera. Chubby in the bumbo, smelling perfectly "baby."

All is well with the world...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rapunzel, Rapunzel...

And so it begins:

Poor Corinne will be the subject of her siblings' games and stories for many years to come.
I will have to watch closely.

Svea was so proud of Corinne's wig, and how well she played her role at Rapunzel. I guess Rapunzel liked to drool, gnaw on her fist and squeal at her exersaucer.

Monday, February 14, 2011

"I Like Him Even Though I Growl At Him"

Svea has a crush on Colin.
When I asked her about him, that's what she said: I like him even though I growl at him. Sometimes it is hard to find the right words...

What is so touching about her crush is that she doesn't care one bit that Colin does not like her back. At all. She still likes him, and doesn't need him to like her back.
A crush with no angst.

Svea wanted to make all her own Valentine's this year, which is fine, except she has 40 kids in her class and Svea, in every area of her life, has absolutely no need to hurry. So it took her 2 weeks. But she did it.

If she was going to make hers, I thought Henry could make the 18 for his class. He moaned and complained and then made the best cards I've ever seen. He drew the Ninja Turtle he thought each person would like best on the front, then wrote, "I wish you a happy Valentine's" on the inside.

He was so nervous to take them to school and convinced himself that they were dumb and no one would like them.

When he got home today I asked how it went and he said that Dru (CUTE girl in his class) said that his card was her favorite. Then he said, "It melted my heart."

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Polar Bear Kisses

Aunt Merpha got Corinne a polar bear that vibrates when you squeeze it. This was supposed to be a Christmas present since around that time Corinne was having such tummy troubles. Thanks to Prilosec, that is much better.

Anyway, the company she ordered the polar bear from accidentally sent her a huge cheetah instead of the bear, so over a month later we are finally getting her polar lovey to her.

And she LOVES it.

Thank you Aunt Merpha!