Monday, November 09, 2009

Srsly Yawl.

Some quick updates from our home...

Svea poked all of her Fritos straight up into her sandwich bread and then made Henry sing her Happy Birthday at lunch the other day.

They both got to go to part of the BSC Homecoming football game last Saturday and Henry reported that, "Birmingham Souther-en played Honeydew and Honeydew won." So much for the Huntingdon Hawks.

Svea leaves a trail of glitter wherever she goes (it's even in the part of her hair) and sings the soundtrack to Little Orphan Annie whenever the mood strikes. Which is often.

We survived an awesome birthday visit with Uncle Brad.

Henry made a thermometer at school recently using a shoestring that he colored red on the bottom half. I overheard him explaining to I, Husband what "Fahrenheit" meant. It was awesome. He wore his new t-shirt from Pops of Herb at Fretted Instruments and got Sugar to pose with him for half a second. Svea ran and got her coconut tree she made back in August to add to the scenery. I think it fit nicely.

Fritos, thermometers. coconut trees, birthdays and honeydew. Dude, are we loving life...

Friday, November 06, 2009

Halloween Fun-ness

We had a great time trick or treating this year with Optimus Prime and Cinderella-Turned-Black Cat.

(what can you do when you don't have a full-length mirror? Why stand on the sink, of course!)

Svea was Cinderella for school on Friday, but Saturday was a whole new day which requires a whole new look. Thank goodness for eyeliner pencil.

Our neighborhood was really quiet when we made our rounds. Who knew that it wasn't cool to go door to door at 5:30pm and that all the totally awesome kids starting rounding at 7:30pm? We'll know next year.

The best part was coming home after hitting about 5 houses because the Black Cat's nose was running from the cold and Optimus Prime was tired of holding his bag and watching the two of them get SO EXCITED about handing OUT the candy. I mean, they gave handfuls and handfuls away to each kid. Then they would giggle and giggle in anticipation of the next round of Tinkerbells and Michael Jacksons and Incredible Hulks.
It was so awesome to watch their glee in giving.
We did run out of candy and ended up handing out bags of goldfish crackers. Again, we'll know better next year.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

"It's the Day of the Show, Y'all"

...for all you Parker Posey fans in "Waiting for Guffman"...

It's the day of the show!

It runs from tonight until December 23rd and should have some Christmas gift ideas...will let you know after I see it all tonight.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Pillow Talk

Turns out...that most people don't know what a tea cozy is. Most people have to Google it if you tell them that you are sewing tea cozies. Who knew?

Not me.

So I sewed some tea cozies for an exhibit and that was really exciting. This time, I sewed a few pillows.

Which was equally exciting.

I have never printed on fabric paper before, then quilted it into pillow form. Some images I printed were scanned in from solar plates made from photographs by other artists. Some images were scanned in from Henry and Svea's sketchbooks which was particularly endearing for me. They didn't seem to care. But that's okay.

The labyrinth was meditative and is supposed to be a path to follow with your finger as you hold the pillow. Running the angles through the machine was a different form of contemplative practice I hope to revisit.

The exhibit opens this Thursday at the Litebox Gallery at the Pepper Place. Eight of my pillows are there with silk screen prints, shredded paper paintings, felted scarves, pastel drawings, oil paintings, glasswares and photography.
It'll be awesome.

Come by if you are in the area!