Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Gulf

Last week, we got the chance to go to Gulf Shores with Cousin Lydia.
No internet, cell phone usage by choice, a screened-in porch, sand and surf.

Lydia and Henry were in heaven.

Svea...took some time to warm up to things like the sand actually touching her, the wind blowing her hair, the sound of the waves and the water being wet.
The first day she finally calmed down once we got her on a towel with very little sand, cleaned her sandy fingers and got her a magazine.

She never left the tent that day.


Babs said...

HI! All of us miss all of you! Hope you are having fun down there. Great to see the pics. Babs

Anonymous said...

So weird! I was in Gulf Shores at about the same time. Hope you're well. Would have loved to see y'all!

Anna Froula