Thursday, October 02, 2008

Indecision '08

Henry has been stressing out and needing to talk about his Auburn football jersey lately. He can only talk about this when iDaddy is at work, so I get the ear-full during the day.
We had the jersey, we just had to discuss, for 2 weeks, what numbers would go on it.

First it was 18, then he had his heart set on 11, then he saw the pack of numbers and wanted 80-something.
I showed him some pictures on-line of players in various games this season, and he decided that 11 was THE number.

For the front.

And 87:

For the back. Good thing there are only 2 sides to a shirt.

During all of this, Svea thinks it's awesome that her horse can smell the basketball goal. Get it, Mom? He can SMELL it.

I don't think i ever really got it like she did, but her laughter was too contagious.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! the opposing team will be confused as number 11 passes them by with a deft "shake and bake" and then when they try to run him down, all they will see is a number 87 fading into the horizon. Awesome.

Basketball-goal-smelling-horses smell like a joke to me too. love you all, pops.