Saturday, November 15, 2008


I have been waiting, impatiently, since last year's performance of So You Think You Can Dance when Sabra won and toured.

This year Joshua won, all participants were better dancers, the show was at a bigger venue, and it was again an amazing performance.

I will break it down for you (no pun intended) hopefully in a way that won't make you roll your eyes too much. I am exploding with pure excitement, joy, admiration, music and moves for these dancers and choreographers. This will carry me until next year, for sure.

To begin, it took us 40 minutes to drive the one mile from our hotel to the Arena, but we were in Atlanta and that's normal and all. I loved this sign

as we queued up with texting teenage girls, their moms and dads, and the random 30-40 year old population into which we fit. There are LOTS in that third category, I am proud to say.

We screamed through the introduction and clapped our hands off. Deep down, under all my screaming for Twitch (who is from Montgomery, AL and will easily get a dance job anywhere - AND I bought the t-shirt with his name on it) and Joshua (season 4 winner and most versatile, by far), I really love Mark the mostest.

After the intros, I was stressed as my camera only holds about 20 photos so I had to be strategic. At one point I could see all the thousands of other fans holding up their cameras, but there was no flash. Later I realized they were holding up pictures of flickering flames on their iPhones and swaying back and forth. What??!!? No more lighters are concerts, people. That is so last year.
For the set list highlights:

Joshua & Katee's opening Samba number:

Kerrington & Twitch Convict Hip Hop:

Will & Jessica's Contemporary:

Mark and Comfort in Detention:

The Group Bollywood Routine:

THE DANCE group dance choreographed by Mia Michaels:

Katee & Twitch and the Door...also choreographed by Mia:

Comfort and Twitch's "Forever" Hip Hip:

Chelsie & Mark's Bleeding Love (skip to 4 minute mark for the best parts).
I did have to join the teenagers on this one, knowing every word and move and all. I admit it. This is, however, the one dance I photographed with my camera on the wrong setting. Aaaaaargh. Not to worry; I am still affected.

Katee & Joshua's Hip Hip - No Air:

And the final group routine from "Hairspray":

Those are only the numbers I photographed (lucky for you)...there were many more.
We had a great time together:
Me with my double chin, Mer looking photogenic and Carol, who was so blown away by the show that her bangs parted.

Until SYTYCD 2009...


mer said...

OMG - this is so awesome - thank you for doing all that - chill bumps all over again!

Babs said...

I think it is highly significant that this is your most complex post in a long time. So many pictures. So much excitement. I am SO glad you got to go! It is so not my thing, but I can totally "get" why you love it so much. Bjshow.

carroll lane said...

SO wish I could have been there! Looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

k. lund said...

Um...we need to talk about this! :-)

ella ellis said...

i did not know this about you - what an enduringly lovely, endearingly complex creature you are, mollie!