Monday, November 02, 2009

Pillow Talk

Turns out...that most people don't know what a tea cozy is. Most people have to Google it if you tell them that you are sewing tea cozies. Who knew?

Not me.

So I sewed some tea cozies for an exhibit and that was really exciting. This time, I sewed a few pillows.

Which was equally exciting.

I have never printed on fabric paper before, then quilted it into pillow form. Some images I printed were scanned in from solar plates made from photographs by other artists. Some images were scanned in from Henry and Svea's sketchbooks which was particularly endearing for me. They didn't seem to care. But that's okay.

The labyrinth was meditative and is supposed to be a path to follow with your finger as you hold the pillow. Running the angles through the machine was a different form of contemplative practice I hope to revisit.

The exhibit opens this Thursday at the Litebox Gallery at the Pepper Place. Eight of my pillows are there with silk screen prints, shredded paper paintings, felted scarves, pastel drawings, oil paintings, glasswares and photography.
It'll be awesome.

Come by if you are in the area!


yourpalamybrown said...

These are beautiful Mollie. I really wish I was in the area and could stop by to see them and buy some items. I might be emailing you to buy some items - especially a labyrinth pillow.

Sarah B said...

You know, I had never heard of a tea cozy either until I drank tea at your house. One of many things I learned there =)

Beth said...

You impress me yet again. Good luck with the exhibit on Thursday! Wish I could be there.

Mom said...

Love the pillows--can't wait to see them in person. Thanks for the glass shoutout.

siduri1 said...

These are great. Check out this pillow idea, which I just saw in the latest Uncommon Goods:

amber said...

molls, you are AMAZING. love you.