Monday, November 08, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween was actually a lot of fun this year. I say "actually" because in years past, I have not enjoyed myself. Even though candy was involved.

This year, Henry and Svea were so creative with their costumes and had a great time at all the weekend festivities.

First, there was Trunk or Treat and Svea was a Princess Fairy Ninja Cat. And if you asked her what she was, she would say, "PRINCESSFAIRYNINJACAT" in the tone of voice of "duh."

Henry was a ninja. Complete with ninja fighting skills:

The pair:

Corinne went as the sweetest pea in a pod:

Then on Halloween day, Corinne wore her Halloween sleeper for about 7 minutes. Then it was soiled and she wore something else. Story of our life.

Henry had a birthday party in the afternoon and went as a vampire:

After the party, it was time to Trick or Treat. Svea went as a princess with a Jasmine dress and tiara and Henry was something with vampire teeth. And a belt.

Hooray for Halloween 2010!

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yourpalamybrown said...

Hi Mollie -

I love the new header. Congrats on Corinne! I love hearing about Henry and Svea being older siblings. I was right around their age when Courtney was born and like watching them explore life with a younger sister. I am sure they will thank you for this one day.