Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Her Journey

I was going through some old pictures and found these from 2 weeks ago. Henry woke up and threw up a few Mondays ago, so he was staying home from school.

Svea told us she felt bad and MY GRACIOUS she is convincing. So we let her stay home thinking she had the bug too. By the end of the week, Brian was preaching The Boy Who Cried Wolf to her, but she came back with The Daughter Who Doesn't Care.

She gathered all her books, stuffed animals and blankets and loaded up Patches the Riding Horse as if he were her mule and Svea rode to Atlanta to see Aunt Beth. She read the whole way.

There was one pause in the journey when the lamp fell over and the bulb shattered, but that was just a minor stop over.

It took her three days to get all her toys and books and blankets back in her room.

(those are her feet sticking up as she was reading out loud under her "tent")

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