Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beauty at the Soccer Game

Our friend Trisa took these pictures of Corinne tonight at Henry's soccer game.

It was her first time to really sit in the grass and practice her mad sitting-up skills. Poor thing, she's usually getting passed from mom to mom during a game or practice.
She loved feeling the grass, though, even when she ended up in a nose dive.

You can do it, Corinne!


k said...

She's beautiful! I love this sequence, too. And I owe you an email ... thanks so much for checking in!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous! I can't believe how much she looks JUST LIKE BRIAN!! I love this sequence too-- and it was GREAT to see you guys yesterday- you always look great :)

bp said...

like the rest, love the sequence, especially the first where c is like, 'fine, i'll give you a shot, mom.' ooooooooooooo how I love this girl finding herself admidst two other stars- reminds me of someone. how do ya'll keep making these beauties so easily????

love you!!!