Saturday, April 07, 2012

Jackson Pollock Experiment

Over Spring Break, we invited a few friends over and made a mess.

An organized chaos type of mess over several canvases.

I had visions of discussing Jackson Pollock and Art forming in the Experience and Motion of the Process. But our artists were ages 3-8 and much more interested in squealing when the paint got on their feet or went haywire off the canvases.
That's art too, I guess.

After everyone went home with a piece, I hung these four in the kitchen:

I hope they remind me to respect the process despite the end results.


merpha said...

Dude - you are the best ever. can we come to your house to play???

I, Mollie said...

Come. Every. Day. For. The. Love.

sylvia said...

These are amazing. And, Mollie, I love that you are in some of the pictures. You all look like you had so much fun!!