Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Grayton Beach Christmas 2012

Camp fire, y'all.

Corinne is belting out, "Joy To The World" in her two-year-old way.  American Idol starts in a few days, y'all.

Title I Backpacks from MVES, y'all!

Early mornings, y'all.

Puzzles and journals, y'all.

Special treats at The Red Bar, y'all!!!

Hiking to the beach, y'all. Except the trail was covered with water.

Gotta love a good cut-out at Seaside, y'all.

And gotta love running in the Seaside amphitheater field, y'all.

Our view from the back of the campsite, y'all.

Cold, fun, yummy, sleepy, creative, awesome, will-definitely-do-it-again times, y'all.

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