Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day of the Dance Show, Y'all.

Yesterday was the big day.  It started with hair and make-up...

...then lunch with the grandmothers...Welcome to Moe's!

Then nervous giggling and elevators to get to the dressing room...

And lining up for the performance!!

I couldn't get a picture of them actually dancing, but they were AWESOME.  And I think we were the loudest parent section...way to go, Svea!

In all seriousness, one part of this whole shabang that we were looking forward to the MOST was what Henry was going to say about each dance.  Luckily, Brian was able to text me since I was in the balcony and he and Henry were downstairs:

Henry:  I know that girl. I know a lot of these people. Why do I know all these people? I am so bored. This is taking like an hour.

Henry:  Why aren't they ready to start yet? They've done like 100 dress rehearsals. Why do I see so many people I know here?

Henry: (when the elderly, kind of short lady came out to tell us about dance performance etiquette) Why is that shorty lady so happy to see us?  A bunch of people are being disrespectful while Shorty is talking.   She should yell.  It would work better.  I promise to be polite, Shorty!

Henry:  That was boring.

Henry: That's not them really snapping.

Henry:  What if her knee pops out?  I saw her butt when she was turning around over and over.

Henry: That one girl is doing karate instead of dancing.

It is AMAZING how three children can have such different experiences in the exact same venue.  
Corinne slept through the whole thing.  
She exhausted herself at the dress rehearsal the night before:

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