Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Today, I Flew.

I went to an aerial yoga class in Harpersville today.
Do not judge.
Here are the silk hanging drapes:

Our family moved 5.5 months ago, changing schools, homes, churches, communities, markets, people, friends, familiarity, almost everything.
The kids asked why ONE THING couldn't stay the same.
It doesn't work like that with us, I told them, it's all and everything.

So I went to aerial yoga today.
And learned to trust hanging upside down. I learned how to swing again, how to regain my balance.

Five months ago I also went to contemporary worship at our new church. They handed me a bulletin with a tear-off thing at the bottom.  I was supposed to write my prayer concern on the bottom part of the bulletin, below the perforation, then walk it up to the offering basket to offer my prayer in the bowl for the week. AS IF.
If I walk my prayer concern to the basket in the front then PEOPLE WILL SEE ME AND KNOW I HAVE A PRAYER CONCERN.
Hello, vulnerability.

I filled out several tear-off thing prayer concerns over the following weeks and occasionally got them in the basket when the service was over. I realized my theme was common: I'm in transition, I need a hug.

I kept writing down, "God, could I please just have a hug? That I can feel?"

So I went to aerial yoga today.
I was nervous and eager, it took a lot of time, and my joints and muscles are gratefully sore. As I wrapped and stretched and trusted the drape, I felt it: the hug.

Aerial yoga feels like a hug from God. 

I wish this same feeling of lightness and work and balance and trust and submission to the drape for every single living being. Even for the not living things, like stones.

Everyone, everything, needs a hug from God.


Mer said...

Did you cry when you were in that last pose, with the drapes just holding you and allowing you to let go? Wow. I'm hugging you right now. Feel it?

Anonymous said...

Mollster I didn't know what you were going to write. I just wanted to see the lovely pictures.
Your journaling made me cry. GOD can do nothing here on this earth without believers. Thank you for allowing GOD to give you an answer this way. Much love, huge HUGS and HIS light.