Sunday, December 07, 2014

Henry In The Choir, 2014

I had to mark the year, 2014, in this title because I am not sure Henry will ever survive another Christmas children's choir performance.  Truly he took it as torture.

Henry:  I might bite my tongue if that other guy doesn't rub his eye out.

"I am so tired of this. Anyone? Anyone?"

"I can't look...I can't look. Jesus is coming y'all...I can't look."

"Oh, man. Here comes another one."

"Seriously, this is a different yawn from the previous."

"Maybe THIS yawn makes it look like I'm singing. Because I know the words. Even though I won't sing."

"Sneeze or yawn? Sneeze or yawn?"

"Wait! It's time for me to play the Orff thing. Big Xylophone. Whatever."

"Now I'm back up here yawning."

"I think I passed my yawn to the girl in front of me. Contagious, y'all."

"Good thing this only comes once a year..."

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