Thursday, June 18, 2015

High Point at the Highest Point

We took some time to journey to the Highest Point in Alabama.

At the observation point, while we climbed the stairs, each kid's personality came out in full force:

Henry: Don't touch the railings! Y'all, germs! Don't touch the railings!

Svea: OOOOO! Look at all these little cubby holes! I can practice all my accents in this echo!

Corinne: Squeal! Can you guys even BELIEVE this place!?!?

This is the reality:

But iHusband seems to capture the Incredible through the camera lens:

Indeed, the kids are tired of posing...but the aluminum is so shiny, you see??

How much can we force The Family Moment?

At the Highest Point in AL, we will achieve the highest point of Family Annoyance. Not that you can tell or anything.

Peace out, y'all.

*It's easy to remain sarcastic that this was a labored trip overall...when actually it was our best camping experience yet. All the kids chipped in with adequate zeal and complaining, no one asked for a screen of sorts, new drawing and writing games were invented, there was much laughter, several beautiful fires in the pit, yummy food, and slower times. It was fabulous family time. My photos captured the random discomforts, and iHusband's photos captured the shiny. There is place for both, in the forced and the spontaneous. Amen. 

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