Monday, November 30, 2015

DNR-JTI: Take 3

Dear First-Born Of My Womb,
You are figuring things out. Like, how the world works, and all and, like, stuff and things. Whatever dude, you are a Tween. For the record, "Always" and "Never" are not better than "Usually" and "Sometimes" in any sentence you construct to speak with me. 
Do not start any sentence with "But." 
Believe me, for the love of all beings what breathe. I want to hear what you think and feel, but please consider your words. 
Extreme rarely works in relationships. 
Hashtag I love you.

Dear Caffeine,
You are a drug and I love you. When I ingest you (usually in the form of caff and decaf coffee), I am quicker than the Internet. My ideas are brilliant and I love all people. 
Thank you so much for the morning delusion.

Dear Alanis Morissette,
How did you invade my brain in the mid-nineties and wait there until this Thanksgiving 2015 when I couldn't stop watching your Thank You video on You Tube?  Thanks for being raw and out of tune...and a deep feeling yogi. Yes, Thank You India and you are Good and choose life.

Dear ThxThxThx,
I always want to write the Thank You Note. Then I am troubled by the death of trees and ink dyes and the pen I write with and I settle into being Generally Burdened With Human Impact on the Earth (Hooray for the Summit in France today)...

 So, in the meantime, THANK YOU for reminding us to give thanks. 
Be One of the Ten, people (Luke 17). 
Hashtag Not To Get All Biblical, Just Trying To Keep It Real.

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