Thursday, June 16, 2016

I Have a Pouch Fairy

I have a pouch fairy who leaves empty, sticky CapriSun drink pouches and empty GoGo Squeeze pouches (with or without tops) on my mailbox. 
I love her.

I add her flattened pouches to my own and store them in empty bulk snack containers until they are full.
Then I bag them, put them in an envelope or box, print out a free shipping label from Terracycle and drop them by UPS.

You can do this too!
Or I will do it for you!  

Be a Pouch Fairy and drop your empty pouches on my mailbox or in my driveway!
(CapriSun, Honest Kid, GoGo Squeeze, Ella's Kitchen and Earth's Best are currently the pouches Terracycle is recycling - AMONG OTHER "WASTE". Check it out!!!)

Love the earth, y'all. Teach your kids.

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Laura DeBellas said...

Hi Mollie! This is Laura Gibson (DeBellas now) from college and church. I'm not on FB anymore but I love your blog so I wanted to message you. Everytime I meet a child named Molly I almost freak out and always tell them that one of the sweetest most beautiful people I knew was named Molly (ie) and how much I adored you. I always loved going to church with my grandparents and seeing you. And your gorgeous hair. Either way. Wanted to let you know. My blog is if you want to check it out.