Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Morning

Henry and Svea woke up Christmas morning - very early - wanting to go downstairs and see Santa Claus. Henry informed Brian and me that, "Santa Claus came and brought two present and they are AWESOME."

What else do you need to hear to get out of bed?

Svea found some goldfish in her stocking and was set...

...until Aunt Beth gave her a tea set and then she was REALLY set.

The tea set goes perfectly with her new kitchen:

Henry got a new circular saw, with protective eyewear, of course

and a tool bench with a tool belt that matches his new TOUCHDOWN ALABAMA jersey:

Then Henry stole a place at the kitchen,

as Svea borrowed the protective eyewear.

Nothing but fun around here.
So far.

1 comment:

leta joy said...

Love their matching pj's. Coveting the kitchen, so cute. LOVE the eyewear! Do you ever wonder how the f you are going to get all that stuff back home with you?!!