Tuesday, December 05, 2006


In the morning, Brian and I are often too fried to do anything other than pour OJ and dry cereal and turn on cartoons for the kids. There is this fluorescent-colored awful version of Mickey Mouse that comes on sometime around 7 that Henry usually doesn't watch, he just runs around to its background music. A friend of our's let us borrow an old-timey Mickey Mouse cartoon VHS and it has had this affect on my kids:

Thank goodness for the old-school Mickey.
They LOVE it and ask for it several times a day. We did make it through today with no TV which is a major feat considering it's so cold outside, Henry's on the tail-end of a head cold and Svea and I both have the head cold. But WE DID IT.

When I put in the movie the first time though, Henry scooted right up to Svea - logically in her booster seat in the living room:

The #15 socks he has on are actually Svea's as he loves to change his socks every 10 minutes. I've stopped putting any socks in drawers and they are just in a basket in the playroom. Also under every pillow...in every corner...on chairs...

The bandaids are real, but the boo-boos underneath are not. I'm out of cute Sesame Street bandaids and thank goodness he doesn't seem to care. Before the movie break, Henry was actually being John Parker Wilson and got sacked after a big throw that led to a touchdown that meant Alabama won the game. All right here in our very living room.

He doesn't have on pants because he won't wear them. UNLESS they are football pants and I can only do laundry so much. No clean football pants, no pants at all he says.

Svea has on her "new" size 6 Nike shoes that Lydia handed down to us and her sippy cup of "molk" attached to that left hand. The hair just keeps growing in the back, but not the sides. There's a place for the mullet in Indiana, I guess.

The christmas pillow on the futon is one that John Stewart made probably in the mid-80's. In the bottom corner, he wrote in pen "JJ to Mollie." "JJ"? What?

The basketball goal keeps getting scooted from corner to corner as we are trying to avoid the ball getting thrown into our big, twinkling tree. Elmo, too, is getting scooted around since Svea has recently fallen in love with him though she won't watch Sesame Street.

So, M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E to all of you out there.
See you real soon...


Tyler said...

Hey Mollie- Good to see John Parker and his sister are taking in some old school Mickey. Also, Amy was wondering if you got her e-mail last month. Her address is yourpalamybrown@yahoo.com

peace -Tyler

Ashley said...

Mollie - You crack me up and your kids are so adorable I cannot stand it. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I hope to see you sometime for a minute over Christmas maybe! -Ash in DC

Anonymous said...

Mollie- I've been stalking you and your kids via your blog since Ashley sent it to me earlier this summer. I LOVE this post. The breakdown is priceless!
Jen (Jardine) Christian

Anonymous said...

dude how'd you get my pillow??