Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birthday Week

Today was the beginning of birthday week at our house. Svea turns 2 on Thursday, so we hung this sign above the couch:

And this sign on the door:

And had a few morning playdate friends over to play:

Then had some cupcakes and muffins:

It was 2 hours of really loud and wonderful messy fun. I am a little hoarse tonight from talking so much and yelling over Kole and Henry's inventions like The Running Game and The Wo-Wo-Wo Down the Stairs Game and The Screaming Game. Next year, those two may not be invited.

I'm so proud of Svea and am so aware of the happiness that she brings to our house. She wasn't feeling terribly happy today as she was frequently full of two-year-old screaming moments. She actually spent most of her playdate alone in the play room, stacking toys into towers and singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to herself. Afterwards she would occasionally yell out, "Yeah Dinosaurs!" for no reason. That's my girl. Totally random.

It was a great start to the birthday week regardless. I think Lilah thought so:

And thank you, Leta, for taking pictures!


Natalie said...

Had a great time. Five months?!...good to finally see you!

pops said...

What a great Mommy to hang posters and have friends over. It's just sometimes, singing quietly to oneself is what one needs to do. Don't one?

Leta said...

Thanks for having us over. We had fun. Your muffins totally rocked.

Beth said...

Yay dinosaurs...Uncle Brad and I are thrilled you're following in our footsteps. Happy Birthday Svea! Love, Aunt Beth