Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ready for the Day

Today is our rest day between parties which means errand running and some packing.

Henry did, of course, dress himself for the day and Svea unfortunately has her shirt on backwards because her mom was, I don't know, thinking of maybe 93 other things at the moment. She fixed it later before getting out of the car to go somewhere though.

Svea's new main thing is to take this cut-out magnet picture of Henry holding a beach ball and place it on random surfaces. We have a lot of surfaces that magnets will stick to in this house, like all the kitchen cabinets. The place of the day is under the handle of the cabinet under the kitchen sink, right there behind Henry's left shoulder in this photo. Makes me smile every time.

And those Lightning McQueen sandals on Henry's feet?
Today is the last day he'll wear those.


Pops said...

Sandles with socks rock.

natalie said...

Oh, (sigh) ... they look all growed up.

Leta said...

Might have to rethink my well dressed athlete comment after witnessing the socks/sandals combo.