Sunday, June 07, 2009

Staycation 2009!

As we embrace our weeks of being homeless and unemployed (gainfully, that is) we sure are having a great time.

From catching lightning bugs in our pajamas with Mimi:

To riding our bikes (Svea just got a new one - pink and purple at her request):

Then graduating to riding lawnmowers and John Deere's:

Swimming in the pool, playing with new toys, bouncing between the grandparents', eating lots, sleeping lots, laughing lots - we may do this every year.


The Moore Family said...


Glad you are enjoying your in between time!!!

Wanted to tell you just how excited I am to finally meet you. I met Brian on Friday night at the conf and enjoyed talking with him and getting to know you guys better!

Hate that Jason (my hubby) and I will not be there this coming Sunday, we will be at the beach. But we will def be there on Fathers Day.

Let us know if you need anything as you settle in... we will be more than willing to help you guys out!!!


I, Mollie said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you too, but I'm glad you got some time at the beach.
We'll look forward to seeing you and your family this coming Sunday -