Monday, June 01, 2009

My Mosts

1. The most surprising thing I found while packing yesterday:

An empty lemonade container (with the screw-on cap) with "Henry & Svea" written on the top found in the far back corner of the guest bathroom cabinet full of rocks from outside.

2. My most favorite recent gift:

3. The most surprising thing I heard yesterday during supper:

Henry: Waiter, bring me some more cheese please.
Looking at me in all seriousness. Are you kidding???

4. My most favorite thing we do not have to move because of blessed Freecycle Pick-ups:

5. The most favorite thing for the kids to do while I pack:

6. Their most favorite indoor activity:

7. My most favorite football scrimmage:

8. My most favorite kisses to receive:


Sarah B said...

yay freecycle =)

I, Mollie said...

I know - it's awesome!