Monday, February 08, 2010

She Always Says the Right Things...Mostly Kinda.

Svea: Mom, I am NEVER going to eat earwax.

Svea: (playing with her workshop and measuring the height of something) Mom! The measure is enough!

Svea: Mom! Let's play Hide and Seek! I'll be Jesus!

Svea: (after I had hung her clothes in her closet) Mom! Look! All of my clothes are on hookers!

Svea: (learning to play I Spy) I spy that white truck!

Svea: Henry, MY mom works at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Svea is also interested in repeating herself until you look at her and respond. Apparently, there is not a limit to how many times she will repeat herself. Once, in the car, she was calling Henry's name over and over again and then telling him the same story repeatedly. He was looking at her, blank-faced. When she was done with some cycle of her tale, he stopped her and said, "Svea, my brain is thinking about something else right now." Then he turned his head and looked out of his window.

If only we were all so honest.


k said...

Oh, how I miss you all!

aunt merpha said...

oh my - i am crying.
when can we visit soon????

Terri said...

My nephew used one of those terms..."Mom, you sure have a lot of hookers!"

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope that when Svea is in high school, she won't be sharing clothes with hookers!
HA!! Classic!

Miss you guys,
: ) SB

Deeds said...

I must admit kids amuse me and say the funniest things. I love it.