Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baseball Legacy

Here's my dad, playing for the Chicks:

And my brother playing for the Pirates:

And then Henry, running for the A's:

Stuff like this turns me into a sappy mess. Thanks, Pops, for helping gather the pictures. And by the way, I just noticed, there are no action shots of the Chicks. Were you picking flowers in the outfield, too?


aunt merpha said...

so great - pregnancy makes you extra sappy too! henry could make some good flower necklaces out of all that clover! hope we can come to a game soon!

Cuz said...

HAHAHAHA! I remember sitting in the dirt trying to build sandcastles and John Stewart getting SO mad at me! Hahaha!
Plus that picture of him looks like he just ran over that kid on the ground. Good times! :)