Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cliff Dwelling, Tree House Style

Since our back yard is on a steep hill, and since it is full of trees all the diameter of my arm, and since the 6 and 4 year old did not have a tree house or fort, iHusband had to take matters into his own hands.
So he built a free-standing tree house fort at the bottom of the hill where all the water rushes when it rains.
This is my favorite picture from his little helpers:

They did indeed use some power tools, though I think they loved writing on the wood the best.

Another favorite part was when iHusband built the slats for the roof, then crawled up between them to hammer the roof shingles in place (hidden by the trees). After swinging about 5 packets of shingles up to him, he realized that once the shingles were all on...there was no way for him to get down. Can't go back between the now-covered slats, we had no ladder tall enough to reach the roof, and it was far too far to he swung all Mowgli-style to the nearest skinny tree and slid down to the fence and jumped. My hero.

The other little Mowglis (or Mowgli and Shanti, I should say?) love this new addition to our home...especially since they moved their little porch chairs to the second floor and can now eat their popsicles in peace away from the mean witch and king back in the house.


aunt merpha said...

that is the greatest - can't wait to see it in person! will they let the nice aunt princess up to eat popsicles?

Michele Candler said...

hahah.... i love the shingle story! i think tommy would say it was my fault for not warning him ahead of time that he would be stranded :)

Caseface said...

That's awesome!!! My innermost child is completely jealous! Sam and I could only have a fort if we used sheets and couch cushions. Haha! Memories. :)

Amanda von Herrmann said...

love it. hope they have a fun summer in their new fort!