Friday, July 09, 2010

Memorial Day Catch Up

I'm behind.
This past Memorial Day we drove up to see my sister and her family and got to meet up with our dear friends, the Paganos.

First, sweet Miriam kept looking at me, concerned for my picture-taking addition to her cuteness:

And Annabelle was so cuddly. It's funny - I can imagine her making this same face when she is 15...and 25...and 35...

Here we are, trying to introduce Annabelle and Miriam (they are only a few weeks apart):

Henry, Lawson and Svea running in the field with the hot air balloons in the background. The balloons inflated, but never took off because there was a huge holiday storm blowing in:

And big girl Lydia, posing for the camera, and Svea and Henry over her shoulder:

Happy Memorial Day 2010!

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