Monday, October 25, 2010

I Spy...

...a Svea.

She got off the bus the other day, came running down the hill and into the yard and then gave me a big grin. With orange teeth. She finds herself so clever.

About a year ago, we were trying to teach her to play the game "I Spy" in the car. Henry caught on pretty quickly, but when it was Svea's turn, she kept shouting things like, "I spy that white truck!!"
Well, that just doesn't leave you much to work with in a game like "I Spy."

We thought she would understand it better now, but in a hot game the other night among her and Henry and Brian, Henry would start with an easy, "I spy something red."
To which Svea usually responded, "Blood?" which made everyone in the car quiet.
Then one time, when Henry again spied something red, Svea excitedly asked, "Is it HOT LAVA??" which sent Henry through the roof, angry that she didn't get the game and he screamed, "It has to be something you SEE, Suh-VEEEE-ah!"

I think Brian drove off the road a few times at that point.

She has definitely not lost any of her spunk with the arrival of Baby Corinne, and we can't wait to watch her settle into the role of Big Sister.


loyo03 said...

Mollie-Svea is SO adorable and has so much spunk! She puts a smile on my face every afternoon when I see her hopping, skipping, jumping, (or occassionally walking) down the hall in the afternoons.

I, Mollie said...

I'm glad to hear that she will sometimes walk to her destination...she is so excited to know how to skip, we must skip everywhere...

carroll lane said...

Brad and I laughed so hard at this! So funny and can totally identify. Ellenie won't admit when we've guessed her object and keeps changing it...which drive L crazy!

Emily said...

Aww! Sweet Svea! Maybe she's being creative to further her future as THE Svea? ;) My brother used to choose really obvious things so the game would be over too soon. I used to guess the wrong things just to keep the game going.