Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Productive Nesting

While the past 38 weeks have felt very long at times, there have some spurts of productivity in this house.

First, I finally finished Svea's Christmas 2009 blanket:

What a Supergirl. Sweet Stacy gave Svea a notepad with that Super S on it about a year and a half ago, then we picked out a bunch of scrap pink and purple fleece from our stash from Kristin and Reggie, matched it with a soft flannel back (Svea is ALL ABOUT soft textures. I mean, won't even wear some acrylic blends) and we've got us a blanket!

Then there was the time I pulled all the toys out of their rooms for Inventory Day.

That felt good.

I also got my first pillow commission from the Lite Box Exhibit last Fall and made two pillows:

This baby is going to love the hum of the sewing machine...

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k said...

Thinking of you so often and hoping you're feeling well!