Thursday, December 02, 2010

New Baby Quilts


Anonymous said...

wow, mollie! you are amazing!!! have you read the berenstein bears book where mama bear opens up her own quilt shop? you are on your way, mama bear!
: ) SB
p.s. noticed the yellow's first wear by a precious little girl!

Emily said...

oh wow! these quilts are LOVELY! beautiful! and i see modeling in this sweet girl's future. ;)

I, Mollie said...

Wait wait wait! I should clarify! These baby quilts were gifts!!
The black, white and red one is from some wonderful church members who got together and shared piecing the squares. They are WAY out of my league.
The angel one is also by a sweet church member who loves applique-ing and quilting.
I LOVE them and wish I could have made them!

Emily said...

lol! well they are still lovely gifts! and she's still a sweet model.