Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beth and Tucker Moon's Wedding

I am taking a hiatus from the photo challenge to post about Aunt Beth's wedding.
Which was last weekend.

It was truly an event, I tell you.

Some pictures are up on Facebook already (friend me and you'll see) and there are many more photos to come.
Svea was a flower girl and got her hair "did" the morning of.
She is, indeed, a Princess in Training (thank you, Beth, for the footage):

Andrew was her stylist at Adorn and he was fabulous. I can't really understand every single thing she is telling him, but I did hear them talking about animals, monkeys, lemurs, Netflix, Power Rangers, computers, remote controls, and princesses. He deserves a Great. Big. Tip.

Before we left for the wedding, we were doing some Christmas shopping and Svea picked out these glasses for KB and Brad:

Corinne eventually pulled the eyeballs off the glasses Svea is wearing in the photo...but luckily we know where to get more.

Beth was an exquisite bride:

And Henry, Svea and new cousin Kamdyn were excellent attendants:

More to come, as it was, like I said, an EVENT.

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Michele said...

oh my goodness, look how grown up ms svea is!! such a cute video!