Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Tree Farm 2011

We tried to have us a Rockwell Family Moment and go cut down a Christmas tree.

First we got lost. Then Corinne decided to take her opera up an octave. Then Henry and Svea got hungry. Then we found the farm. And we were the only ones there. Then we couldn't agree on a tree. And Svea is a magnet for ants. And Henry is a magnet for complaining. And Corinne squawked while Brian sawed and I pushed the new tree over.

But the lanes of trees were endless...

...and the clouds beautiful...

...and the shadows were long...

...and fun for hiding...

...and watching Daddy saw...

...and trying to "help."

In the end, we got a few ant bites, have a beautiful tree, supported a local farm, forced a family moment, and enjoyed dinner at Moe's. (Welcome to Moe's!)

On a side note, Svea asked me the other day WHY people put up Christmas decorations before THANKSGIVING?
The only thing I could think of to say was that maybe people were so excited about Christmas, they couldn't help themselves.
She said, "But Thanksgiving is about being THANKFUL and Christmas is about GIVING."

How can she have it all figured out at 6 years old?
I have so much to learn from this child. I'm thankful for that.

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Michele said...

ok, next year you're coming with us to the thorsby farm. not too overwhelming with trees, lots of people AND free hot chocolate or hot tea :)

also, i love that nobody can say (or type)eating at moe's without saying "welcome to moes!" that should really be apart of the name.