Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Won Bingo In Drawing Class

My final exam in Drawing class was to choose three objects, preferably shiny and colorful, and create a still life to draw in chalk pastels.

I had never worked with pastels before. I thought after graphite and charcoal that it would be somewhat similar...but it was not. Graphite you can kind of erase and reform, sometimes smear and shade. Different pencils go darker and shade more freely. Charcoal comes in about 18 different forms. Who knew?

The amazing thing about chalk pastels is that the expensive brand truly draws differently, and the white chalk fixes everything. Also, working with pastels is about layering. Kinda like Svea's dress code.

We had two class sessions (that's a total of 5 hours) to get started on our still life, plus time to work on our own. In the second session, I was adding layer after layer trying to get control of the edges of my objects (how's that for a metaphor?) without ruining the tooth of my paper (I love saying that: the tooth of my paper).
I was wearing a t-shirt that day last week, because it's December in Montevallo, adding layers to my Still Life in Pastels and my right arm bat wing started to shake like crazy.

So I say to Alyssa next to me, "Man, my bat wing is really taking off with these pastels."

She glances at me because she's 20 and I'm 35 and she's all Whatever most of the time when I talk. Then she says, "Oh, you mean your Bingo wings?"

So I'm all, "Whatever...what are Bingo wings?"

She goes, "You know how the old ladies in the nursing homes go when they win Bingo?" She raises her hands in the air and waves her hands so her bat wings fly and yells high-pitched, "Bingo! Bingo! I won!"

I'm on the floor. ROTFL.

My flapping tricep muscles are no longer for bats, and are all for me winning Bingo.

Here is Alyssa's Still Life of her marbles:

Good thing she didn't lose some of those old ladies playing Bingo.


stacy said...

Ok, so I really started laughing about the image of old lady Bingo wings.....but what sent me over the edge laughing was just how long it took this old lady to figure out what ROTFL means. Don't worry----I finally figured it out! thanks for the smile & wow---amazing artwork!! : )

Mer said...

that is hilarious!!! so glad you are sharing ROTFL with the blog world too! your marbles are awesome - love the shadows!