Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Svea's Valentine's Day 2012

This year, Henry and Svea wanted to make the Valentine's for their class parties.
Corinne didn't care.

Henry methodically took each card and drew black ink ninjas for all the boys, and purple ink ninjas for the girls. Duh.
Each card had a generic message. And he completed them in 7.6 minutes.

Svea took another route.
She personalized each card with stamps and stickers and a message. It took her 16 days.
And she didn't let me see them before sealing them with star and heart stickers.

Conveniently, I ran into her room mom at a store and she asked if I could help with the Valentine's party.
So I went, armed with CapriSuns and a flexible attitude.

At her party, each child went around and put their Valentine's Day cards in the special basket on each desk. After much sugar was consumed and all Valentines were delivered, some of the kids started opening their cards. And they realized that Svea had written something different in each one.

So Raul saw his:

And then Noa opened hers and was confused why Svea said, "I thought about calling you Cupid."

Then Justin opened his and saw, "Justin, I just have one question for you." (then there were a bunch of weird squiggly lines) At the bottom it asked, "....will you be mine??"

Justin is her Math Station Partner. Heart, heart, heart...

Then on Nick's, she said, "Nick, I have one question for you..."
Then she never asked a question.

Then Guy. Sweet Guy who still tries to kiss her on the cheek.
I was standing by Guy's desk when he opened his Valentine. It read. "Dear Guy, Stop chewing on your shirt. Love, Svea"
So he turns to me and says, "Will you go tell Svea that NO I will not stop chewing on my shirt because it tastes good?"
I said, "No, I can't do that."
Probably because I was snorting with laughter and pride.

Happy belated Valentine's, y'all!!! Stop chewing on your shirts!!!


Mer said...

Oh my! She is so awesome and I am so glad you were there to see these! priceless.

amber said...

wow, she is amazing!!! thks for sharing her special valenetine's with us! :) xx