Thursday, May 24, 2012

Svea, The Dancer!

Svea had her big dance performance on May 5th.
She had worked for this all year...and we were so blessed to have so much family come and see her on the stage, that there were about 11 seats between me and Brian.

So, of course, we texted through the performance.

Brian was sitting with Henry and I was sitting with Corinne, who sat like a statue in a dance coma. It was amazing.

So were Henry's comments:

"Why is being in school count as dancing?"  (a girl was doing a dance to Michael Jackson's "ABC-123")

"This is taking forever and they didn't even dance very good."

"Another lonely girl. Is she supposed to be a cowboy?"  (It was a solo, i.e. "lonely.")

"That girl thinks it's a real lollipop! She's like licking it. That other one HA! just got her face in it. She's not even dancing."

"That was so girly."

"Oh looks like this one's gonna be good!"  (The solo girl was very cute...)

"Why do they have to be (dressed as) clowns to make us laugh? I'm already laughing at them."

Svea, we are so proud of you!  You were so fabulous!  Even if you were dancing to Lady Gaga!
We love you!

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