Thursday, July 26, 2012

June Catch Up

While Henry was at a soccer camp the beginning of June, Svea, Corinne and I hosted a Princess Dance Camp in Restore. 
It was crazy. 
I had no idea so many little girls would have to go to the bathroom so many times - at the same time - and that they would be way more interested in playing Freeze Dance than actually learning First Position.
And they loved Silly Face time:

And walking like a rooster:

And jumping and having big arms:

Henry was a little bored at the "performance" at the end of the week, and Corinne loved climbing the stairs.

If anything, those few days of squealing, silly girls reminded me to enjoy this moment, this very moment, and the simple things like imitating roosters, jumping up and down, and the delight of climbing some stairs. 

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stacy said...

Sounds like a HUGE success! Congrats to the Dance Camp DIRECTOR!! : )