Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Miriam Turns Three! Just Like Rapunzel Did Once!

We celebrated Miriam's life last weekend and Bobbie took these great photos:

Corinne taking it all in...a Rapunzel party really packs a punch.

In the baby pool with the birthday girl (Corinne on the left, Miriam on the right).

Svea at the top of the slide!  It was 108 degrees that day.

Miriam, blowing out her candles.

Corinne taking her turn at Pin Pascal On Rapunzel.

Cousins: Svea, Miriam, Lydia, Hannah, Corinne and Henry (missing Nathan).

Clapping for the skit that Lydia and Svea and Hannah devised that involved something about Sleeping Beauty and a spinning wheel and a lot of stage fright.
Henry is so obviously bored.

Corinne, whispering a secret to me.
I'll never tell...

Happy Birthday, Miriam!!!!  We are so glad you were born!!!

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